Tea and Ink

Have ya’ll met Adam? If not, let me introduce you! Adam is a crazy talented musician (that’s him on the left) who, as I’ve learned this last year, is also a crazy talented painter. #multitalented

But Adam is super unique because he paints with coffee and tea… like, really. His Instagram is amazing and his style is legit magical… I can’t even say enough good things here. So before we go any further, click below to follow him on Instagram right now or click here! Then we can all say we knew Adam before he got super famous. 😛

So last year I started a series using vintage cameras and fresh flowers and I named it “Click Bloom.” Shortly after quarantine started, Adam sent me this:

What the WHAT?!?! SO gorgeous, right? According to his Insta, this was painted with coffee, fruit tea, black tea and ink.

And cause he’s so nice, he sent me a few progress images to share with you!

Adam Gurczak Painting Denise Karis Photography Blog

Dreamy, right?

Last one! Go check out Adam’s work on Insta @art.by.asg and keep an eye out for this piece to hit the Click Bloom shop *after* we are all safe and print houses start opening up again! Just another thing to look forward to along with movie theaters, restaurants with endless chips and salsa and crowded concert venues… *sigh*.

To contact Adam for your project, see his website at www.adamgurczak.com

Denise Karis is an Arizona photographer who enjoys musicals, Doctor Who and breakfast burritos. IG @denisekaris