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I love the idea that in 100 years, one of my images will be in a silver frame on someones piano. That the great granddaughter of one of my brides will be getting married and find her grandmothers bridal portrait between the pages of a book.  Because this is the mindset I have when I'm shooting, my images are classic and natural. I don't follow trends that are bound to die and become dated. Your wedding will be timeless.

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liz + micah

Denise was organized and full of enthusiasm throughout the entire wedding planning process. She got to know US as a couple and was incredibly invested in the style and intention behind our event.  She got along smashingly with my other vendors. She was sensitive to the intimacy of the moments leading up to, and after our celebration. 

Celina & Jason

Denise is a dream to work with! She knows how to coach her couples so their poses don't look stiff or awkward. I cannot recommend an engagement session highly enough. It helped loosen us up so much and we were able to actually enjoy posing for pictures on our wedding day! The engagement pictures looked great, but the wedding pictures were just were as close to perfect as you can get!

erika + andy

Denise is extremely creative and imaginative. Her sense of humor along with professionalism put us at ease as she walked us through different poses. During each pose we could feel it was going to be perfect picture, all because of her artistic mind. When we saw the finished photos we were speechless! She truly captured US. Ourselves, family and friends can feel the love and happiness!


When I was eleven, we moved from a house to an apartment and most of our belongings went into storage. Three months later, our storage was broken into and all our family photos were gone, including my parents wedding album. This was the moment photos became important in my life.  

After that, I took pictures. I wanted to save my memories. While my roommates at summer camp came with one disposable camera, I brought twelve. Then when I grew up, I started using my camera to tell real love stories for couples on their wedding day. This is my passion.

Now that you know the most inner workings of my heart, you should probably know some of the more simple things about me. For example, if you leave it up to me, I will always want to get FroYo. I also am rarely seen without my Kindle which is loaded with fantasy novels. 

If you come to my house, you will be greeted by the sweetest boy named Kayden and licks from an eager Shih Tzu named Kiwi. If a certain Time Lord shows up in his Tardis at your wedding, I'm running away with him. But first I'll ask if he can stick around until the sparkler exit.

I think that all shoes should be flip flops, that musical theater is the best thing ever, and that nothing says good morning like a breakfast burrito. 

If you haven't figured it out yet, I live my life in a very passionate and quirky way. The only things I need more of are people and pictures ... and David Tennant. 

Peonies are
my favorite flower

My love language
is gift giving

I love painting
with watercolors

About Me

Light and airy, classic and natural, with an editorial feel. I will always strive to deliver images that are clean and bright and that will stand the test of time.

Collections start at $2500 and
include a second photographer, an engagement session, printing rights to images and much more. Contact us for more detailed information!

The couples who hire me for their wedding are directly supporting my passion and my dream. This means everything to me and I serve them with all my heart. 

My Style



Planning a wedding is stressful. I feel you! I want you to know that there are no hidden terms or fees that come with booking me for your wedding. After hearing your venue charges a "cake cutting fee", I'm sure you're on your guard with wedding vendors. You're in a safe space. I promise!

So let me share with you exactly what each collection comes with and what's required to book. Every couple gets an Online gallery of edited images, a download of the images in high res and unwatermarked with printing rights, a second photographer, an engagement session, a download of images 

from the engagement session, and 25 5x5 preview prints mailed to you within 10-15 days of the wedding. 

You don't need to decide on a collection to book. All that's needed is a signed contract and a $500 retainer. Six months before the wedding, we will finalize the collection you want and split the remaining balance (plus tax & minus the retainer) into two payments due at 6 months and 2 months before the wedding date. Please fill out the contact form or shoot me an email at denise@denisekaris.com to chat more!


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