From a long time enamel pin collector, I am here to tell you, these things are the BEST when it comes to memorable marketing! Getting a reaction these days is hard... so why not make it easier on yourself? I love handing these out as gifts to my clients, or passing them around at networking events, you can even sell them in your shop! This year I've created two pins for my own business and would love to use the process I've come up with to create pins for your brand!
Can't wait to work with you!



Step one is to Skype or meet up in person to discuss your style and design. Once we have a rough draft finalized, I will send it to be rendered into a design the manufacturer can process. 

Once approved, I will send it to the manufacturer who usually ships in 4-6 weeks. We will choose elements together like what color you want the metal to be and if you want a metal or rubber back.

During the 4-6 week waiting period, I will also design a card and print a card for the pins to attach to. Each pin will come attached to the card and enclosed in a cello sleeve, ready to distribute!

Quantities and Pricing per pin is as follows:
100 Pins: $3.50
250 Pins: $2.75
500 Pins: $1.75
1,000 Pins: $1.50


•When is payment due?
There is a non-refundable deposit of 50% required to place your order. Then the final amount is due upon delivery. Delivery is usually around 30 days.

•Do we get any revisions on the design?
There is one revision included after we have our rough draft finalized. After that, an additional fee may be required however this is usually a minimal fee of $10 or less.

•What size are the pins?
1 inch on the long side. I've found that's usually a great size and works for a multitude of designs! Producing a larger pin size will incur an additional fee.

•How many colors can we have?
Four. Additional colors may incur an additional fee however pins usually look better if you stick to four colors or less. You can choose from any of the Pantone colors.

•Do the pins come attached to the card?
Yes! The pins will come attached to their card and safely sealed in their cello bag!

•Are there any hidden fees?
No. The pricing above includes 1 inch pins with four colors or less attached to a business card that we design together and packaged in a cello sleeve. Extra features will incur an additional cost such as engraving on the back of your pin, metallic on your card, additional colors on your pin, additional rounds of revision, or a more intricate card design. 

• Tell me more about the card design
I'm definitely not a graphic designer so you will need to provide me with your brand colors, logo, and any fonts you want to use in your card design. We will then draft a basic card design for you. If you want something extremely custom like hand lettering, then I would outsource that to a design team and there would be additional cost involved. For the most part though, people are very happy with the designs we create together!

• Are there discounts on a re-order?
Yes! When you re-order a pin, you get a $50 discount!

• I have a shop. How much do enamel pins usually retail for?
I've paid between $7-$12. I usually see a median of $9.99 for a pin.

• I'm in! How do I get started?
Fill out the form below and I'll be in contact within 24 hours!!


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