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Hi, I'm Denise! A Phoenician, a Whovian and a Hufflepuff. I love reading fantasy novels, singing Taylor Swift songs, watching Musicals and snuggling up to my son and partner while watching The Office. Welcome to my website!


Sing a song with Lin Manuel Miranda


Travel to Hawaii


Write a novel


Play a song on the guitar


Travel to Europe

Take Kayden to Disneyworld


Research my ancestry


Marry my best friend


Photograph Taylor Swift





The WHole Story

That time I lost all my childhood photos

When I was eleven, we moved from California to Arizona and half our stuff went into storage until we could find a bigger home. About three months later, our storage was broken into and everything was gone... including my parent's wedding album and all of my childhood photos. 

I don't remember anything else we lost but what I do remember is how heartbroken my mom was. I remember her posting flyers offering to pay for their return and not press charges. I remember the feeling their loss over the years when I wanted to show my son baby photos and not being able to. Or when I became a wedding photographer and missing the photos of my mom as a bride. 

My Grandmothers album

When my son was around two, my grandmother sent me a Christmas gift. It was a small album of about twenty photos from my childhood that she had found while selling her house. After so many years, we finally had a small glimpse back into that world. 

When we first lost our family photos is also when I started photographing everything. I had learned the importance of photos and now I believe that photographs are one of the few things we ever own that achieve a priceless status. 

a tribe of 5,000

I once asked my partner, Raffi, what he would do if we survived an end of the world scenario and there were only 5,000 people left on Earth. He said he would help build whatever people needed. Safe water systems, generators, whatever necessities weren't readily available. 

I told him I would document the stories of the people. I would interview them and photograph the development of the new society so that new generations would know how we made it through and what it was like before. I love true stories... and I want to help tell yours. 

The last 12 years

I bought my first camera at a Black Friday sale in 2007. In 2009 I went back to work when my son was three. I spent nine years working full time in an office while trying to grow my business. Finally in November of 2018, I left my full time job to live a life I wanted to live. 

I live with my partner, Raffi, my son, Kayden, my mom and our two birds. My mother is a writer, my son beatboxes and plays violin, Raffi is an amazing wood worker, I take photos and we are endlessly happy.


After leaving my day job to photograph weddings, I found my road leading to so much more. While I still love being a wedding photographer, I also love photographing families and creatives who are pursuing their passion. I run a YouTube channel called Engaged In Arizona, I sell my art prints in local markets and I sometimes even create enamel pins for local businesses. 

They told me to specialize, and I totally didn't listen. 
I like marching to the beat of my own drum and I love that I didn't know that about myself until recently. 

1. Movies

Little Women

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

The Count of Monte Cristo

Top Three

2. TV Shows

Doctor Who

Good Omens

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt



Sunday in the Park with George


4. Food


Breakfast Burritos

Mashed Potatoes


Harry Potter

Atlas Shrugged

You are a badass


Sparks Fly

Wait For It

Waiving Through a Window

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Thank You!

ooo lala, you found a secret message!

If you ever find yourself in a funk, get good at something new. There's nothing more exhilarating at learning a new skill or craft. Learn to play a song on the guitar, or paint a watercolor jellyfish using a YouTube tutorial. Write a short story and send it to your friends. Make a macrame wall hanging.

Learning new things opens new networks in your brain and those networks will shine new light on your photography funk or whatever you were stuck on before! 



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