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Welcome to our first quiz! Arizona is full of gorgeous locations for your engagement session and this quiz will tell you where your perfect location is! Once you’re done, comment with what you got! (I got the Salt River…totally perfect for me!)

What AZ Location Should you Choose for Engagement Photos?

To kick off January, I wanted to shoot something fun and creative that was my own concept. I had envisioned a dusty blue flowy, off the shoulder gown with pastel flowers and bohemian hair. I recruited Andrew (@TregotheDJ on Insta & the best DJ, freal.) and his amazing wife Jessi to model for me. Shortly […]

Parisian Farmers Market inspired Inspiration

Parisian Inspired Engagement Session. Denise Karis Photography

Six years ago Meghan and Will were in the same prom group. Years later after they lost touch, Meghan added Will on Facebook and they met up for some Gelato at San Tan mall. Will claims he didn’t remember Meghan from Prom but I suspect he was just trying to play it cool. Afterall, Meghan […]

Engagement Session at Coon Bluff

Denise Karis Photography Coon Bluff Engagement Session

Rose and Alex are so wonderfully connected that this engagement session was a breeze. They moved so naturally together and were so in love. I cannot wait for their wedding next winter! If you can believe it, this shoot took place minutes before a giant 2 day storm hit Phoenix. By the time I got […]

Engagement Session at the Ripirian Preserve

Phoenix Engagement Session Denise Karis

About a month ago, I decided I was going to start learning film again. The first time around was uninspiring. I don’t know why but my images just didn’t have that soft, touchable film look and I set my film cameras down for an entire year. When this shoot for Gabby and Jeff came around, […]

Lakeside Sunrise Session

Denise Karis Blog Salt River

I love it when couples tell me they’re really awkward and then it turns out they’re total naturals in front of the camera. Sarah, Kyle, and I headed out to the Superstition Mountains last week for a seriously cute engagement session. The five mile drive on a dirt road at 20 mph took what felt […]

Engagement at the Superstition Mountains

Peralta Trail Engagement

Styling an engagement session can be really simple and fun! It also makes a world of difference in the end rather than throwing on some casual threads and heading out to “wherever.” Here are three simple, totally not overwhelming, tips you can use to style your upcoming E-Sesh!  If you have no idea on location, […]

Engagement Session at the Royal Palms

Royal Palms Engagement

There’s a quote that I love from Chuck Palahniuk that says, “The goal isn’t to live forever, the goal is to create something that will.” I am fortunate to have found photography because it’s my something that will. In a hundred years from now, it’s my hope that one of my images will be displayed […]

Royal Palms Engagement Session

Royal Palms Engagement Shoot

We planned their engagement session the day of Liz’s bridal shower, and the day of her hair and make up trial run. The early afternoon session was planned to take place at the Mesa Arts Center where we could find some nice lighting among the big buildings. I left my house a bit early to […]

Gilbert Engagement at the Riparian Preserve

Ripirian Preserve Engagement Photos Denise Karis Blog

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