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I’ve found the more I get to know someone, the more I love them. Have you found the same thing? This always happens when I spend an hour photographing someone new…and then it happens all over again when I read their interview questions for these branding posts. Shortly after starting Branding Photography, I realized that […]

Branding With Atelier de LaFleur

Everyone struggles with this one, so I’m gonna help you out! Take this quiz to find out what accessory you should wear to your branding session! Then hop over to Instagram and share with me the result! I’d love to hear from you!

What accessory should you wear to your branding session?

I love branding photo shoot marathons! I have the best time and the fact that they’re back to back sessions means I get to stay in creative mode all day and I get to offer discounted prices so you can get more bang for your buck! If you’re new here, let me fill you in: […]

October 29th Spots Are Open!

A while back, I met up with boudoir photographer Emily Brault in downtown Phoenix for some branding photos and had the best time! Emily has been a friend for a while now and I even interviewed her for my Engaged In AZ YouTube channel! Enjoy her interview and then check out her YT feature at […]

Branding with Emily Brault

Are you ready? Because this is the team at Life Design Event Planning and they’re wild and energetic and absolutely fabulous. Seriously, I had the BEST time photographing them at Hotel Adeline last week! We wandered around, we took a ride on the luggage cart, we twerked and we sang Taylor Swift songs. All the […]

Branding With Life Design Event Planning

Earlier this year I found I was so inspired by my clients that I decided to interview them for my blog! This is Nicole and I adore her! She is fun, hilarious and sincere. I’m so excited I get to go to this years Showit United Conference knowing her! It’s going to be a great […]

Branding With Nicole

No. It should not. Unless you have a logo like Starbucks, Apple, or Nasa where people love to display their loyalty or enthusiasm of your brand, then sure. Do you remember about seven years ago, there was a trend where people would gather all the swag they had collected from working at their company for […]

Should my Pin be my Logo?

Gift giving has always been my love language. Unfortunately, I’ve never been someone who has thousands at her disposal at any given moment so over the years I’ve found I’ve mastered the art of the $10 gift. Or $20 if I really love you. But mostly, my gifts are extremely thoughtful and also kind of […]

Enamel Pin Design

Oh my goodness! I’m so excited to bring you this exciting giveaway because I got to partner with the awesome Coworking space in Downtown Gilbert that is THRIVE! From now until Saturday at noon, you can enter to win the following package: 30 minute branding session with me at Thrive 25 images in a downloadable […]


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