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Is it time for a new freebie? I think so! Last year I started an art project using fresh flowers and vintage cameras and named the project “Click Bloom.” Click Bloom then became the name of my Podcast, my Etsy shop and most recently, a new Pop-up shop with it’s own Instagram!  This one is […]

Freebie: Click Bloom Coloring Page

Oh hey! New Year, New Freebie!! Over the last year I’ve become a total Brene Brown cheerleader. Have you gotten into her? She’s kind of incredible. The first book I read of hers was last year and it was Braving The Wilderness and I can’t tell you what an amazing impact this book made. So […]

Wild Heart Free Printable

It’s about time for a freebie! And what better time to launch this one than with the JK List to Launch Challenge? I started following Jenna after hearing her speak at The Showit United conference a few years ago and it wasn’t until I started following her that I decided I needed to become someone […]

New Freebie!

I don’t know if you’ve met him, but Raffi is the most supportive partner ever. And I’ve met JD Star. That guy is so supportive he lets people call him JD Star. Anyway, last night when Raffi made one of my Cilck Bloom photos his cell phone background, I knew I wanted to pass some […]

Freebies: Click Bloom Phone Backgrounds

Cell phones, social media, Instagramming through lunch, all those things generally don’t bother us. We like our cell phones, and heck if we look cute wearing an apron and baking a cake, post that business to The Facebook! Social media and the devices that connect us to our friends and family are important tools in our […]

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