My name is Denise and this is my blog! I'm a photographer, passionate about empathy, creativity and breakfast burritos. Thanks for bringing your magic to my corner of the internet! 



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I was on two Podcasts! The first one was with the lovely Shana Thomas with L is for Lily and you can listen to it right here: http://lisforlily.libsyn.com/20-storyteller-denise-karis And the second one with Nathan Holritz on the Bokeh Podcast which you can listen to here: https://shows.pippa.io/bokeh-the-photography-podcast/episodes/253-the-significance-of-consistency-denise-karis I had wanted to be a guest on a […]

Tips on Being a Good Podcast Guest

We were sitting in a team meeting somewhere around 2013. Our team was small, maybe twelve people and for the most part, we felt comfortable around one another. We were all company veterans and these meetings were usually used to inform us of what changes the company had made that would affect our schedule, our […]

Going Full Time: Month 6

Something happened over the last few nights of Netflix and I wanted to share it with you here. Raffi has been allowing me to share my love of musicals with him by watching several movie musicals with me. In an effort to get him up to speed with all the musical references that fly around […]

Netflix and Going For It

So often I get my business advice from things I’ve learned through Weight Loss and Candy Crush Saga. Candy Crush Saga is a bit unexpected but really, the longer you play, the more boosters you accumulate and it’s easier to win. If boosters are seen as Networks, Experience, Momentum, Google Reviews, Blog Numbers, using all […]

Going Full Time: Month Four

I have been blogging for 100 days straight. WHAT? I mean….. I REALLY thought I was just gonna fade it out around day 50. I’m super happy I completed this goal…. thank you for being here today!! For this most lovely day of 100, I am giving you 100 tips/pieces of knowledge / things. Some […]

Day 100 : My goal completed

When I was nineteen I was in a bad relationship with someone who drank way too much. Every night was a binge and rather than buy food or pay his electric bill, he’d sit in a dark room drinking hard alcohol. I cried to my mom one night and she said, “It used to be […]

Day 99: Finding Your Self Confidence

I’ve been blogging for 98 days straight and today is the day I answer questions from the last 100 days! Feel free to skip around, I’ve listed the times and each question below! :56 / How do you stand out from the competition? 3:00 / How did you come up with 100 topics to write […]

Day 98: Your questions answered!

It’s a rare occasion that you get to compare your work to another photographers that you admire on this level. I had recently shot alongside a fabulous photographer at a styled shoot. We had the same subject, same light, same details… heck we even had the same camera and film stock. So when her photos […]

Day 97: The Path To Self-Awareness

Last night Raffi and I uncorked a bottle of wine, lit some candles, and picked a Christmas episode of Doctor Who. It was the one where the 9th Doctor had just regenerated and we met David Tennant for the first time. A wildly out of control Tardis crash landed in the streets of London and […]

Day 96: Let’s Talk About Doctor Who

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