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In December of 2019, we launched a watercolor map of Downtown Gilbert and I dreamed of creating another with the incomparable Danae Blackburn. Yesterday, we launched a Scottsdale map and oh my goodness, look how dreamy! You’ll see Earl’s Market, The Mission, Cavalliere’s Blacksmith shop, The Cowboy sign, Frontier Town, The Sugar Bowl, Scottsdale’s first […]

New To Click Bloom: Watercolor Map of Old Town Scottsdale

Old Town Scottsdale Watercolor

  We’ve only started adding stickers to our shop in the last few months and we love every single one of them! Our stickers are 3 inches on the long side and printed on high quality outdoor grade vinyl and laminated adding durability, scratch protection, and UV protection. Water proof and weatherproof, you can put […]

What Click Bloom Sticker Should You Get Next?

I’m gonna need a drum roll for this one…. Look at how cute the new Click Bloom stand is!!! Like, for REAL, did Raffi do an amazing job building this or what?! And look how eye catching, this little one couldn’t help but stop! And of course Raffi gave her and her friend the best […]

Click Bloom at Agritopia Farm Night

Click Bloom at Agritopia Farm night

Look what just hit the Click Bloom shop! This suffragette pin was inspired throughout this entire year. I wanted to connect the women who fought and marched a century ago to the women who fight and march today. I also wanted to commemorate the 100 year anniversary that the 19th amendment was ratified as well […]

New To Click Bloom: Votes For Women Suffragette Enamel Pin

Officially this style is called a hotel/motel keychain.  I think of them as Summer Camp keychains though. Opening the door to your cabin in the woods after spending the day paddling around the lake. Which one do you see it as? I’m so excited to announce these guys are now on sale in the Click […]

New to Click Bloom: Desert Dreamer Hotel Keychain

Desert Dreamer Hotel Keychain

Look what just hit the Click Bloom shop! I started collecting enamel pins about three years ago. It used to be that I would collect smashed pennies when I traveled but then I started seeing enamel pins and they were all so creative and expressive. Over time, they started to tell a story of all […]

New Desert Postage Stamp Pins

Desert Postage Stamp Enamel Pin

Have ya’ll met Adam? If not, let me introduce you! Adam is a crazy talented musician (that’s him on the left) who, as I’ve learned this last year, is also a crazy talented painter. #multitalented But Adam is super unique because he paints with coffee and tea… like, really. His Instagram is amazing and his […]

Tea and Ink

Is it time for a new freebie? I think so! Last year I started an art project using fresh flowers and vintage cameras and named the project “Click Bloom.” Click Bloom then became the name of my Podcast, my Etsy shop and most recently, a new Pop-up shop with it’s own Instagram!  This one is […]

Freebie: Click Bloom Coloring Page

Every morning I write my daily to do list on a notepad from Rifle Paper. I figure if the list is cuter, I’m more likely to refer to it throughout the day. #logic At the end of January I decided to, for the first time ever, make a month long to do list. I wrote […]

Going Full Time Month 16

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