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When I first started branding photography, I noticed many of my favorite photos were ones I took for nutritionists and health experts. I quickly realized that I’m especially drawn to produce in photos. So today, I’m going to talk through a few images and make my best suggestions on how you, as a nutritionist, can […]

Branding Photography For Nutritionists

“No complaints!” In the middle of the pandemic, Jennifer packed up with her family and moved all the way from Washington DC to Arizona. While we sat at Liberty Cafe in downtown Gilbert, we both agreed, we had no complaints about Arizona. I mean… besides the heat. But if you haven’t been to Downtown Gilbert […]

Branding with Jennifer

Gilbert Branding Denise Karis

Meet Dr. Saru Bala, a naturopathic doctor based in Scottsdale and specializing in hormone regulation. I had the best time wandering around DC Market, finding random tables to sit at, and of course, finding ways to incorporate her stethoscope into images because really, how can we not use he stethoscope? I’m gonna go ahead and […]

Branding With Saru

Branding Photography with Denise Karis

Have you met Jessica yet? If not, you need to because she is amazing! She’s a photographer, artist, teacher and book enthusiast and I’m all over it! And I recently got to meet up with her at Hotel Adaline in Scottsdale for a branding shoot and let me tell you, it was the best! Once […]

Branding With Jessica

Arizona Branding Photographer

I met up with Bronwyn and Maddie when Arizona started reopening and it was such a refreshing feeling to spend an hour with two actual people! Meeting new people is one of the best things about being a photographer and it was such a hard thing to let go of when we were shut down. […]

Branding with Bronwyn

Arizona Branding Photographer

Okay so if you’re planning a launch, you’re gonna want to check out the Launch Guild. Tasha has been an absolute online force in 2020 helping businesses shine online! This was one of the first sessions out of lock down and I loved the Phoenix Air B&B she chose for her location. I especially loved […]

Branding With Tasha

Branding Photography Denise Karis

In November of 2018, I left my full time job to pursue photography full time. Every month since then I’ve blogged what I learned from the previous month. This is the last one! This morning I Googled how to prevent the shell from sticking to a hard boiled egg. I searched for this a couple of years […]

Going Full Time: Wrapping Up

Today we’re chatting with Diana! Diana recently moved to the desert and has been spending 2020 helping businesses get into the game on Facebook ads. We recently met up in Tempe for some branding photos and I’m so excited to share them here with you!  If you’re a business owner and want to work with […]

Branding with Diana

Woman writing in a journal outside

Week 1, November 11th 2018 It’s a bit like getting off a treadmill. Your feet become accustomed to the floor moving beneath them and when you step back onto unmoving ground, you feel disoriented. Like your body and your brain aren’t quite in-sync with one another. This is like stepping off a treadmill that I’ve […]

Going Full Time 2 Years!

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