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I want you to imagine the neighbor you met once who lives down the street from you comes knocking on your door. She’s super nice and you really like her. She asks if you’d like to go to the grocery store and purchase food using your own money and then come back to her house […]

How to Land Your Next Collaboration

I wrote my first post on this blog four years ago today. There were sometimes months I went without blogging but sure enough, once I set a goal to blog 100 posts in 100 days last year, I found my voice took shape here. So today, I’m sharing my first ever blog post from September […]

4th Blogiversary!

No. It should not. Unless you have a logo like Starbucks, Apple, or Nasa where people love to display their loyalty or enthusiasm of your brand, then sure. Do you remember about seven years ago, there was a trend where people would gather all the swag they had collected from working at their company for […]

Should my Pin be my Logo?

Gift giving has always been my love language. Unfortunately, I’ve never been someone who has thousands at her disposal at any given moment so over the years I’ve found I’ve mastered the art of the $10 gift. Or $20 if I really love you. But mostly, my gifts are extremely thoughtful and also kind of […]

Enamel Pin Design

Oh my goodness! I’m so excited to bring you this exciting giveaway because I got to partner with the awesome Coworking space in Downtown Gilbert that is THRIVE! From now until Saturday at noon, you can enter to win the following package: 30 minute branding session with me at Thrive 25 images in a downloadable […]


It’s my first screen share video Photoshop tutorial! Do you use clipping masks in Photoshop? It’s so much fun and I use it all the time when creating templates and having extra fun with text. Totally aware of the nerd points I earned with that last sentence! Here it is, friend, from me to you!

Using Clipping Masks in Photoshop

A few months ago, I spent a solid two weeks doing a website redesign and girl, my Google Analytics Stats had never been higher!! I was bringing in the traffic! Unfortunately, the clicks that were being counted were my own as I was refreshing my site every hour to check out the new changes that […]

How to Block Yourself From Google Analytics

I’ve known members of Lori’s family for years and years but this was the first time her and I got to officially hang out and it was the best! I mean… I knew it would be because her family is amazing so why wouldn’t she be too? It just makes sense. 😛 So today’s spotlight […]

Branding with Lori

I’ve been getting this question more and more and I definitely have answers that I want to share! First, I should probably let you know something that not many people know about me and that is that I have a really overactive imagination. My mind goes a mile a minute and I can’t slow it […]

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New to engaged in Arizona? Here's what you need to know!

Let's be real. Planning a wedding is no walk in the park. In fact, Forbes named Event Coordinating number five on their list of Most Stressful Occupations! While there so many wedding day websites and articles out there, I wanted to create a place just for Arizona brides.

Engaged in Arizona is a YouTube channel created to give wedding day advice to couples who are planing their AZ wedding. Get a behind the scenes look at bouquets being created, photo shoots in the making, table decor coming to life and so much more! While we're giving you that BTS look, we also interview these amazing creatives who make these beautiful events happen all year so that you can get the best advice from the best wedding day pro's.

Sounds amazing? I thought you'd say that! Click the link below to see our full library and hit subscribe to keep up to date on our newest videos! 

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