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I met up with Polly at the Elm House in Gilbert Arizona to photographer her for her album design company. Horacio printing is a company that designs Christian dream planners for those with an artists soul. Something I really loved about this session was the well curated array of props Polly brought with her. I […]

Polly at the Elm House

Denise Karis brand photography woman in purple sweater sits on a front porch with a laptop open on her lap.

Stefanie Gass is an online educator helping Christian women grow their audience and generate income with their online businesses. This shoot had a number of factors that went into making it successful. First, the estate was beautiful with great lighting, beautiful decor, and lots of different spaces to shoot in. Stef had not only arranged […]

Stefanie at Gilbert House

Denise Karis Brand Photography Arizona woman wearing white jumper sits on a navy sofa smiling at a laptop that is open and sitting on her lap.

I first met Chelsi Jo at a wedding. She was the planner and florist, and I was the photographer. While neither of us have weddings as our focus anymore, we still love making things beautiful, and for Chelsi Jo, that includes her, and your life. Her business focuses on providing systems to manage your kids, […]

Chelsi and Blaine at Greenhaw Place

Arizona Brand Photographer couple smiles at each other, cell phone in hand

Meet Michelle, owner and creator of Zona Bookkeeping, a virtual bookkeeping service designed to help build small businesses! Since Michelle frequently works with interior designers, she wanted her shoot to have a strong design feel. This came through in her location choice, and also in her wardrobe and arrangement of props. Her branding colors include […]

Branding with Michelle

Denise Karis Branding Photography woman reading a magazine outside at a table

Stephanie is a newborn photographer based out of Washington D.C. We got to meet at one of my favorite home studios in Queen Creek and create new photos for her business. One of the things I love about this shoot is that Stephanie brought along all the tangible products that she sells through her studio. […]

Branding with Stephanie

Arizona Brand Photographer Denise Karis Woman with blond hair and a pink top sits on a sofa looking at a photo album

In November of 2018, I left my full time job to pursue photography full time. I wrote monthly for the first 2 years what I had learned from the each month. Now, I write yearly on this “going full time” thread. This is year 4.  As usual, my best friend put it into words perfectly; “I […]

Going Full Time Year 4

A huge thanks to Melody for joining us today to share her creativity in business and marketing with us! Tell me a little about what you do Melody Johnson is the owner and founder of The Course Consultant and podcast host of The Course Consultant and Customer Success Show. She helps group coaching founders grow […]

Branding with Melody

Phoenix Arizona Branding Photographer

Let’s brand with Stefanie! I met up with Stef and Chelsi (who you’ll see lots of in a different post!) last month for some new brand photos and we had a grand old time! We switched outfits at a record pace, we found those gorgeous little pockets of light, we worked all the podcast-y props, […]

Branding with Stefanie

Brand Photography Woman speaking into phone with a laptop on the counter

In November of 2018, I left my full time job to pursue photography full time. I wrote monthly for the first 2 years what I had learned from the previous month. Now I write yearly on this “going full time” thread. This is year 3.  It seemed a little like a novelty at first. Spring […]

Going Full Time: Year 3

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