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I’ve found the more I get to know someone, the more I love them. Have you found the same thing? This always happens when I spend an hour photographing someone new…and then it happens all over again when I read their interview questions for these branding posts. Shortly after starting Branding Photography, I realized that […]

Branding With Atelier de LaFleur

In November of 2018, I left my full time job to pursue photography full time. Every month since then I’ve blogged what I learned from the previous month. This is month 15. Do you ever get selective hearing? Maybe you’re reading a book and nodding along with the author until she says something you don’t […]

Going Full Time Month 15

Everyone struggles with this one, so I’m gonna help you out! Take this quiz to find out what accessory you should wear to your branding session! Then hop over to Instagram and share with me the result! I’d love to hear from you!

What accessory should you wear to your branding session?

I sat in my home office, papers and various office supplies in piles all around me. Cans of opened Coke Zero, scraps of papers with half formed ideas scribbled in barely legible handwriting, memory cards scattered around my desk and a to do list reading: •Find Clients •Make Money •Sell Stuff In other words: I […]

Moving Past Uncertainty In Your Business

Oh hey! New Year, New Freebie!! Over the last year I’ve become a total Brene Brown cheerleader. Have you gotten into her? She’s kind of incredible. The first book I read of hers was last year and it was Braving The Wilderness and I can’t tell you what an amazing impact this book made. So […]

Wild Heart Free Printable

I always love it when people say they practice yoga. Or they practice meditation. There’s a certain humility to the word practice. It insinuates a journey towards a level of proficiency that is earned over time with effort. It implies that you start out as a beginner, you’re not very good at it, and then […]

Going Full Time Month 14

I sat in my therapist’s office in 2011 complaining about a project I had agreed to take on at work. It was to lead a spirit day. They wanted me to get people motivated and in a fun work mood. So I organized a pajama day where I would bake cupcakes and run a contest. […]

Do People Like Working With You?

Struggling to find a first dance song? We got you, boo! Take this quiz brought to you by DJ Trego from VOX DJs and Photographer Denise Karis  to find out what song you should shake it to as newly weds on the dance floor! THEN, check out this feature over on Engaged in Arizona to […]

QUIZ: What Song Should you Choose for your First Dance?

I don’t get a lot of questions so when I do, I’m super excited to answer them! This week I got a question from a new Instafriend who asked about making friends and networking for your business when you move to a new city. To start, I should let you know that I’m a huge […]

Networking in a New City

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