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OH HEY! So if you don’t already know, I rented out the Elm House in Gilbert June 21-23 and TODAY is the last day to sign up at $100 (40%) off!!! Like, for real. Early Bird Pricing is the real deal and today is the day! We have seven open spots and I want to […]

Ten Reasons Why You Should Schedule an Elm House Branding Shoot

Someone messaged me yesterday asking what they should bring to their branding shoot at the Elm House. If you haven’t been around much this week, let me fill you in. I’ve rented the Elm House in Downtown Gilbert for a few days to do a branding shoot-a-thon from June 21-23. You get a 1 hour […]

What should you bring to your branding shoot?

Okay, I’m obsessed with Enamel Pins. I used to get a smooshed penny when I traveled… now I look for enamel pins. They’re cute, affordable, and can pretty much go anywhere! Also, there’s a pin for literally everything, so use them to make a statement! Who are you? What do you love? So when I […]

How to Wear Enamel Pins

Okay, let’s talk small business! Whether we like it or not, humans are conditioned to make snap judgements on a subconscious level. With 93% of communication being nonverbal, your marketing efforts are only as strong as the visual elements that go with it. When it comes to your business, high quality, well produced photos can […]

Elm House Summer Branding Shoots

I LOVE enamel pins! I put them on everything! And they make me so happy because all of my pins are of something I love. From Hamilton pins to Doctor Who pins, and now these sweet camera pins! Get yours for your fave photographer right here! Are you an enamel pin junkie like me? Let […]

New To Click Bloom!

I love shooting in farm style settings! So when I saw this awesome shoot out coming together at Venue at the Grove, I knew I had to join. Sometimes shooting just for you is good for that “Creative Spirit.” A no pressure breath of photo fresh air. So here’s mine…. a styled shoot from a […]

Blue French Inspired Wedding

Here’s something you might not know: Photographers and wedding vendors practice! Like, a lot! Half the time, when I shoot, it’s not for a job, it’s to better my craft. It’s to try something new and add value for my clients. Last year, I went to a vendor mixer at Victoria York’s house and we […]

Invitation Styling

I’m gonna be honest. I LOVE double exposures on film. I love the feeling of not knowing what you’re going to get in the final product. I mean…you have an idea, and you compose to the best of your ability, but really…. it’s so exciting to wait two weeks for the scans to come back […]

New To Click Bloom!

Let’s just say there was a big family in Seattle…and they were planning a gorgeous wedding. And let’s say that the bride and groom loved cactus. And let’s also say they wanted a destination wedding. I would tell them to get married in April at the Andaz in Scottsdale. Because oh my goodness … it […]

Andaz Spring Wedding

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New to engaged in Arizona? Here's what you need to know!

Let's be real. Planning a wedding is no walk in the park. In fact, Forbes named Event Coordinating number five on their list of Most Stressful Occupations! While there so many wedding day websites and articles out there, I wanted to create a place just for Arizona brides.

Engaged in Arizona is a YouTube channel created to give wedding day advice to couples who are planing their AZ wedding. Get a behind the scenes look at bouquets being created, photo shoots in the making, table decor coming to life and so much more! While we're giving you that BTS look, we also interview these amazing creatives who make these beautiful events happen all year so that you can get the best advice from the best wedding day pro's.

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