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“Study Confirms Most People Share Articles Based Only On Headlines.” I clicked on this article at Patheos.Com after searching for “Do people only read headlines?” on Google. The article confirmed that 59% of all links shared on social media aren’t clicked on. So we’re just basically reading headlines. I get it, I mean, we are […]

Writing Headlines and Believing the Best in People

Truth time: Have you ever read one of my posts and thought, “She’s absolutely crazy.”? Because if that has not happened, it might happen right now. I was sitting across from a friend and makeup artist a couple weeks ago and she was saying she wanted to get a blog up but she didn’t know […]

Finding Different Versions of Yourself

Happy November 1st! On the 4th, it will officially be a full year since I left my full time job to pursue photography full time. I can’t believe it’s been a year. If I’m being honest, I have been avoiding writing this post. Maybe I’m putting too much pressure on myself to write some epic, […]

Going Full Time Month 12

I believe that believing in things that aren’t real makes them real. You can read that again if you need to. I needed to and I wrote it. You might be vigorously shaking your head right now but let me give you an example taken from my month 11 post of going full time. There […]

Why I Put Doctor Who Quotes on Everything

I love branding photo shoot marathons! I have the best time and the fact that they’re back to back sessions means I get to stay in creative mode all day and I get to offer discounted prices so you can get more bang for your buck! If you’re new here, let me fill you in: […]

October 29th Spots Are Open!

A while back, I met up with boudoir photographer Emily Brault in downtown Phoenix for some branding photos and had the best time! Emily has been a friend for a while now and I even interviewed her for my Engaged In AZ YouTube channel! Enjoy her interview and then check out her YT feature at […]

Branding with Emily Brault

I had always hated this saying. I would imagine standing on the top of a tall building, looking down at certain death and someone behind me would say, “Go ahead. If you jump, a net will suddenly appear out of nowhere and catch you.” Would you believe them? I wouldn’t. I mean, how does that […]

Jump and the Net Will Appear

Are you ready? Because this is the team at Life Design Event Planning and they’re wild and energetic and absolutely fabulous. Seriously, I had the BEST time photographing them at Hotel Adeline last week! We wandered around, we took a ride on the luggage cart, we twerked and we sang Taylor Swift songs. All the […]

Branding With Life Design Event Planning

Earlier this year I found I was so inspired by my clients that I decided to interview them for my blog! This is Nicole and I adore her! She is fun, hilarious and sincere. I’m so excited I get to go to this years Showit United Conference knowing her! It’s going to be a great […]

Branding With Nicole

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New to engaged in Arizona? Here's what you need to know!

Let's be real. Planning a wedding is no walk in the park. In fact, Forbes named Event Coordinating number five on their list of Most Stressful Occupations! While there so many wedding day websites and articles out there, I wanted to create a place just for Arizona brides.

Engaged in Arizona is a YouTube channel created to give wedding day advice to couples who are planing their AZ wedding. Get a behind the scenes look at bouquets being created, photo shoots in the making, table decor coming to life and so much more! While we're giving you that BTS look, we also interview these amazing creatives who make these beautiful events happen all year so that you can get the best advice from the best wedding day pro's.

Sounds amazing? I thought you'd say that! Click the link below to see our full library and hit subscribe to keep up to date on our newest videos! 

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