Branding with Stefanie

Let’s brand with Stefanie! I met up with Stef and Chelsi (who you’ll see lots of in a different post!) last month for some new brand photos and we had a grand old time! We switched outfits at a record pace, we found those gorgeous little pockets of light, we worked all the podcast-y props, and we ended the day properly exhausted. Stefanie is here hanging out with us on the blog today, so read her interview below and check out her brand new branding photos! Enjoy!

Brand Photography Woman at counter with laptop and microphone

Tell me a little about what you do
I am the host of a top 25 ranked podcast for Christian Entrepreneurs, The Stefanie Gass Show.

I help women uncover their God-led callings, create Kingdom Businesses, launch podcasts, & monetize using courses and coaching.

I want women to create true change for themselves and God’s Kingdom by using their gifts for glory, and serving the world with a business that lights them up!

I believe that when we let God light our path, we will experience true miracles, live proactively, & design a life that fuels our soul.

Brand Photography Woman sitting on bed with blanket and mug

What made you decide to go down the road to creative entrepreneurship?
I love being my own boss, having a flexible schedule, and being able to have a job that is actually my life’s work.

Brand Photography Woman sitting on bed with blanket and laptop

What advice can you share with other creatives who are struggling?
Outsource before you’re ready, inventory where you’re spending your time, and focus on how you can do more of what actually creates impact and impact in your business. Enjoy the journey, there’s fruit on the other side of hard.

Brand Photography woman holding podcast microphone

What’s a favorite inspiring quote of yours?
Focus on being productive instead of busy – Tim Ferris

Brand Photography woman sitting at a desk with coffee, laptop, and podcast microphone

Can you share a favorite marketing tip with us?
Focus on one to many evergreen platforms that you can own vs. wasting time on social media. My top two are a podcast and Pinterest!

Brand Photography Woman on cell phone next to laptop with coffeeBrand Photography Woman reading a notebook in the kitchen with a microphone

What are your five favorite things right now?
Iced coffee, luxe comfies, marvel movies, mountain biking, and slow Saturdays

Brand Photography Woman speaking into phone with a laptop on the counter


Who do you love to follow?
Brendon Burchard, Graham Cooke, Alex Seeley

Branding Photography Woman recording a podcast with a laptop and a microphone


Where can we follow you?
IG: @stefaniegass
Email: support{at}stefaniegass{dotcom}

Branding Photography Woman in Blue Dress and Gray Jacket

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