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Okay, I’m just gonna say it. There’s something magical about the kitchen at Thrive Coworking in Downtown Gilbert. Every time I shoot in this space, I always end up in the kitchen, having the best chat with my clients after our session. This is always the part of branding photography that I love the most; hearing the stories of women who are chasing their dreams and building a life that they love. It never fails to be the most inspiring thing. So meet Erin, a full time traveler, career coach, and Jane Austen lover who is bringing some inspiration and creative insight right here to your Thursday afternoon!

Thrive Coworking Branding Shoot

Tell me a little about what you do:

I founded and run The Calculated Career, which is a career coaching and strategy firm for women. I help women who want to streamline and simplify their job search so they know what they need and want from a job, have a resume that’s done (and great!), and the build the confidence to take on any interview and crush it.

My passion for career coaching really stemmed from my own struggles to put myself through college and then transition from a retail career to the recruiting industry to a successful corporate career at Amazon. I know what it feels like to lose a job unexpectedly and have to reinvent yourself. I also know what it feels like to balance motherhood and career growth. There have been so many times in my career where I knew I was good enough and smart enough, but didn’t know how to put those things to work to get a job that met my needs and wants. I still work full time for Amazon, but there’s something amazing about helping a woman build a plan and seeing her realize she has all of the skills needed to turn her career from ok to great.

Thrive Coworking Branding Shoot

What made you decide to go down the road to creative entrepreneurship?

I grew up working in my family’s grocery store and I’ve always loved the challenge of hard work and the opportunities for creativity that entrepreneurship offered; There’s something invigorating about being able to choose the fate of a business because it is yours. As I’ve progressed through my own career over the past 15+ years, I feel like the “older and wiser” version of me has a tremendous pull to share what I’ve learned. Creating The Calculated Career has allowed me to have a venue to share that knowledge.

Thrive Coworking Branding Shoot

What advice can you share with other creatives who are struggling?

When I was a kid, my mom would always tell me, “If you get lost, stay in one spot and I’ll find you”. I’ve used that concept so often when I’ve felt lost or uncertain about life or my business. Sometimes, the best move is to just hang on and give some time, patience and grace; You don’t always have to have a plan and usually, by taking a pause, you allow the plan to find its way to you.

Thrive Coworking Branding Shoot

What’s a favorite inspiring quote of yours?

“If it were easy, everyone would do it”. No clue who said it, but it has motivated me for years!

Thrive Coworking Branding Shoot

Can you share a favorite marketing tip with us?

Two words: Authentic Networking. I think people often worry they need a huge audience or need to be the life of a party to really stand out and have people take notice. But I’ve found found that building genuine, authentic, and honest connections with a smaller group of people works so well and has a wonderfully positive ripple effect on your personal life and business.

Thrive Coworking Branding Shoot

What are your five favorite things right now?

• Re-watching Schitt$ Creek for the 2nd time
• Tacos
• Morning walks to clear my head and start the day
• Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Peels
• Fulltime Traveling the US in an RV with my family

Thrive Coworking Branding Shoot

Favorite movie?
Pride and Prejudice (the Kiera Knightly version)

What song do you listen to when you need to get motivated?
Electric Feel by MGMT or In the Meantime by Spacehog (clearly I don’t keep up on music!)

Thrive Coworking Branding Shoot

Who do you love to follow?
Podcasts: The Life Coach School Podcast, Joe Rogan
IG: @neversaysomeday, @elysianreflections, @chrismegoodbye

Where can we follow you?

Thrive Coworking Branding Shoot

Thank you, Erin for taking the time to chat with us today! We spend so much time at work so having a job that you love and that gives you purpose and inspires you is so important. To work with Erin on finding the perfect place for you to spend that time, click here! 

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Denise Karis is an Arizona photographer who enjoys musicals, Doctor Who and breakfast burritos. IG @denisekaris