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Every morning I write my daily to do list on a notepad from Rifle Paper. I figure if the list is cuter, I’m more likely to refer to it throughout the day. #logic At the end of January I decided to, for the first time ever, make a month long to do list. I wrote […]

Going Full Time Month 16

In November of 2018, I left my full time job to pursue photography full time. Every month since then I’ve blogged what I learned from the previous month. This is month 15. Do you ever get selective hearing? Maybe you’re reading a book and nodding along with the author until she says something you don’t […]

Going Full Time Month 15

I always love it when people say they practice yoga. Or they practice meditation. There’s a certain humility to the word practice. It insinuates a journey towards a level of proficiency that is earned over time with effort. It implies that you start out as a beginner, you’re not very good at it, and then […]

Going Full Time Month 14

I sat in my little cube the last day of my full time job talking to a co-worker via chat. She said, “My friend went full time in photography a year ago and now he’s absolutely killing it! You’ll be fine!” She went on to say her other friend also did the same thing and […]

Going Full Time Month 13

Happy November 1st! On the 4th, it will officially be a full year since I left my full time job to pursue photography full time. I can’t believe it’s been a year. If I’m being honest, I have been avoiding writing this post. Maybe I’m putting too much pressure on myself to write some epic, […]

Going Full Time Month 12

Here it is. Month eleven. ELEVEN. How did that happen? I’m sure I did a million things wrong in the last eleven months, but each month, I feel like I’m really excited to see what comes next. So I must be doing at least one thing right. Right? Month eleven was a good month. It […]

Month Eleven: Heart in the Clouds

Rigid. That word has been floating around my head for a couple of weeks now. For years I’ve been incredibly rigid in the way I do this whole photography thing. From running my business to how I show up online to the photos I post and the way I brand and market. I’d think that […]

Going Full Time Month 10

Sometimes I get really down on myself. You do too so I’m okay sharing this with you. I think I’m not pretty enough, not young enough, not thin enough, not business savvy enough and I get jealous of all the photos I see of photographers who get to photograph weddings with Giraffe’s in the south […]

Going Full Time: Month 9

If you were to strike up a conversation with an Arizona Photographer from the months of June to September, you will almost certainly hear them say the following: “Summer is slow.” Because it’s wildly true. Summer IS slow. No one is getting married. No one is getting engaged on a mountain top. No one is […]

Going Full Time Month 8

Elm House Branding Shoot

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