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I sat in my little cube the last day of my full time job talking to a co-worker via chat. She said, “My friend went full time in photography a year ago and now he’s absolutely killing it! You’ll be fine!” She went on to say her other friend also did the same thing and […]

Going Full Time Month 13

Happy November 1st! On the 4th, it will officially be a full year since I left my full time job to pursue photography full time. I can’t believe it’s been a year. If I’m being honest, I have been avoiding writing this post. Maybe I’m putting too much pressure on myself to write some epic, […]

Going Full Time Month 12

Here it is. Month eleven. ELEVEN. How did that happen? I’m sure I did a million things wrong in the last eleven months, but each month, I feel like I’m really excited to see what comes next. So I must be doing at least one thing right. Right? Month eleven was a good month. It […]

Month Eleven: Heart in the Clouds

Rigid. That word has been floating around my head for a couple of weeks now. For years I’ve been incredibly rigid in the way I do this whole photography thing. From running my business to how I show up online to the photos I post and the way I brand and market. I’d think that […]

Going Full Time Month 10

Sometimes I get really down on myself. You do too so I’m okay sharing this with you. I think I’m not pretty enough, not young enough, not thin enough, not business savvy enough and I get jealous of all the photos I see of photographers who get to photograph weddings with Giraffe’s in the south […]

Going Full Time: Month 9

If you were to strike up a conversation with an Arizona Photographer from the months of June to September, you will almost certainly hear them say the following: “Summer is slow.” Because it’s wildly true. Summer IS slow. No one is getting married. No one is getting engaged on a mountain top. No one is […]

Going Full Time Month 8

Elm House Branding Shoot

I remember the first time I felt not good enough. I was in 7th grade. I’ve talked about my Junior High quite a bit on this blog but if you weren’t around for those posts, I’ll let you know, this Junior High had a crazy amazing drama department. With over 100 members, it was the […]

Going Full Time: Month 7

We were sitting in a team meeting somewhere around 2013. Our team was small, maybe twelve people and for the most part, we felt comfortable around one another. We were all company veterans and these meetings were usually used to inform us of what changes the company had made that would affect our schedule, our […]

Going Full Time: Month 6

These are roads I’ve never walked before. I feel like I keep stopping to look around and ask myself “Is this the right way? You’re not too far, you can turn back. Is this normal? Are you staying true to yourself? Are you walking a path that’s going to lead you to fulfillment and happiness […]

Going Full Time Month 5

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