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These are roads I’ve never walked before. I feel like I keep stopping to look around and ask myself “Is this the right way? You’re not too far, you can turn back. Is this normal? Are you staying true to yourself? Are you walking a path that’s going to lead you to fulfillment and happiness […]

Going Full Time Month 5

So often I get my business advice from things I’ve learned through Weight Loss and Candy Crush Saga. Candy Crush Saga is a bit unexpected but really, the longer you play, the more boosters you accumulate and it’s easier to win. If boosters are seen as Networks, Experience, Momentum, Google Reviews, Blog Numbers, using all […]

Going Full Time: Month Four

My legs are sore. My legs are sore because 30/38 days this year, I have ran as fast as my legs can carry me on a treadmill at the local gym. I remember the first time I felt fat (yikes, are we going there?). I was four years old and I saw a Madonna video. […]

Going Full Time Month 3

She asked, “What do you feel were your greatest takeaways from blogging for 100 days?” I had just posted the directory for my “100 days of photography” series on Facebook and someone had commented. My reply was, “I learned I have a lot to say.” A couple of days ago, I celebrated my 100th day […]

Going full time: Month 2

What I learned: Month 1. November 4th was my last day at my job. I made cupcakes for my teammates and gave them all hugs at the end of the day. I left knowing my health insurance was good until December first and after that, I would need to figure out private insurance and how […]

Day 70: Going Full Time: Part 2

“I get up at 4:30 am to run to a job that I hate. ‘Hate is a strong word’ I think. ‘I know.’ I reply. She comes into my chat and right away she’s angry. The little icon option turns red with a mad face to alert us: This customer is mad. And it’s my […]

Day 69: Going Full Time: Part 1

This is a post that is nine years in the making, friends. Let me tell you, I know how hard it is to decide to leave behind something steady for something so uncertain. Especially if, like me, you’re a single mom trying to keep your household running. I knew it was time to leave my […]

Day 43: When To Quit Your Day Job

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