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I’m going to preface this post with the fact that I’m very liberal. When I first picked up this book, I had no idea it was associated with right wing politics or any politics for that matter. A co-worker had recommended it and I was due for a good book. So onto my Kindle it […]

Day 92: I’m Going To Talk About Atlas Shrugged

Have you heard about this book? I bet you have, it’s like, ALL ANYONE IS TALKING ABOUT.¬† But really, this book keeps popping up everywhere and now that I’ve read it, I see why. Rachel Hollis is hilarious and refreshing as she isn’t afraid to share with us her deepest imperfections. The chapter that I […]

Day 85: Book Recommendation: Girl Wash Your Face

I sat in the United breakout session given by Charity Maurer where she said, “Luxury isn’t more, it’s just better. It’s less but much better.” I almost shouted an AMEN but then remembered I was supposed to be there learning to be more luxurious and somehow, shouting like I was at a town meeting in […]

Day 83: Book Recommendation: Selling Luxury

I looooove musical theater. And when I got to Junior High, I signed up for choir IMMEDIATELY. It was the first thing I did. Not being naturally gifted in music, I slowly clawed my way to the top choir by ninth grade. Then I started over in High School. I came in at the bottom […]

Day 75: The Creative Habit

Right before leaving my day job, I was lucky enough to read two books that straight up changed my life. This was one of them. The other one you can read about here. Author Mark Manson does a wonderful job of bringing to your attention just how ridiculous we are as human beings. We pour […]

Day 46: Read The Subtle Art of not Giving a F***

It was around thirty that I really started caring about money. Not just how to pay the bills but what I was actually doing with my money, where it was going, and how much I would need when I couldn’t work anymore. I noticed this happens to a lot of thirty year olds as well. […]

Day 40: Book Recommendation: Rich Dad Poor Dad

Welcome to day 26 in my 100 posts for photographers in 100 days! I first heard about this book at Showit United, a conference for photographers here in Arizona. I started reading the book right when I got home and I was hooked. Some self help books speak to me and some definitely don’t. This […]

Day 26: Book Recommendation: Talent is Never Enough

Can I share something really personal with you? I am recovering from being an extremely negative person. Up until very recently, I felt most comfortable when I was complaining about something, most confident when I had some other force working against me that I could blame my failures or shortcomings on. I saw the bad […]

Day 22: Book Recommendation: You are a Badass

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