Look no further! This page has all my location recommendations including the links to websites containing booking information. Please note that all studios and Air B&B sites must be booked on the client's side.

If you're someone who is looking for a 30 minute shoot with me (or even a 1 hour shoot) something you can do for spaces that require 2+ hour time blocks is pair up with some friends who also need branding photos and split the cost. That way we can schedule back to back sessions and make the most out of having the space!



The Gray Atelier will initially remind you of your 5th grade classroom... because it used to be a classroom. It's been revamped however into a really beautiful studio space.

While there is no kitchen, there is a rolling island/counter that can be reasonably "faked" as a kitchen. The Gray wall on the opposite side also allows for some really fabulous fitness style shots for Yoga instructors or trainers. 

Cost can be as low as $99 for 2 hours and up to 10 hours for $430.

Grand Pyramid Cottage


I've only shot here once but it is my favorite shoot to date. The kitchen is stunning and we spent most of our time there. This is a historic house in Downtown Phoenix and is absolutely lovely. These images are also a brilliant example of a client who went all in from location to props to wardrobe, and the images show all her effort!

The downside is, it's also the most expensive place I've shot coming in at $150/hour with a 6 hour minimum. We got lucky because the owner had a gap in shoots and allowed us to squeeze in. You can contact him directly to ask if he has any availability but you will likely need to work with his schedule on that one. My one request is that it's at a mid day time where the sun is bright but not directly coming through the window.

Blok Studio Van Buren West

Blok Studio Van Buren West is located in Phoenix and It's only $120 for 2 hours! It's a great space and best to shoot in when the sun is high but still bright through the windows, around noon!


Home Studio List & Peerspace

Price Varies
There are so many cool spots for rent on Home Studio List & Peerspace. Check out both sites, browse spaces, and see if something speaks to you! 



Heritage Square


Heritage Square might be my favorite option for a quick 30 minute session. The gray concrete walls create wonderful light which makes for bright clean photos. While there's little chance for a natural looking "Laptop" photo here, a journaling on the steps shot is definitely in the cards. These photos are also generally very versatile so they will work across different platforms from Linkedin to Facebook to Instagram.
This spot is also very popular so the chances of us sharing the space with 2-3 other photographers is high up there, but usually everyone is very respectful of each other.

Hotel Adaline

Cost Unknown

Hotel Adaline in Scottsdale has brilliant colorful, fun backgrounds and a little pink outdoor cafe area perfect for a working on the go shot.
I've shot here twice and both times my clients were guests at the Hotel. They do have a day pass though so you can rent a room for the day for us to shoot there. I highly recommend shooting there early in the day (like a 9 am start time) because all the good spots are West facing and look better when the sun is coming up from behind.



Downtown Chandler has this little area just off the main street that I enjoy shooting at. I do recommend doing this one on a Sunday when the municipal building is closed and overall traffic is less.


If you're struggling with coming up with a location idea, I recommend first defining what you want the end images to look like. If your brand is free spirited with desert vibes and you don't want those "Laptop shots", then we can head out to Saguaro Lake and shoot in some desert scenery.

If you're an Interior designer definitely wanting shots of you surrounded with paint swatches and drawing on graph paper, an Air B&B is going to be the way to go.
If you're a fitness coach and want to bring your yoga mat and have some shots of you stretching and posing with your favorite water bottle, a clean indoor studio would be perfect!


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