What should you bring to your branding shoot?

Are you doing a branding session? Because I have some advice on what to bring for you!

First, I’m a big believer in color stories. Choose colors that go well with the house. There are a lot of Blues, Grays and Whites in there. So softer blues, blush, shades of gray and beige…maybe even burnt orange and mustard tones would fit well in the space!

As far as what to bring… do you listen to Jenna Kutcher? She has something called “The JK Five.” Five things she loves and talks about so much that people can’t help but think of her when they see one of those things. The biggest one is mac and cheese. She talks about her love for Mac & Cheese often. And sure enough, every time I see mac and cheese (which is um….every day!) I think of her. How smart is that?! So start by drafting your five… are you someone who is obsessed with cereal? Bring in a few boxes and some milk! We’ll pour a bowl of a pretty cereal like Froot Loops and create a little kitchen setup around that! Do you have a favorite book? Or want to talk about your love of reading on Instagram? We can shoot you reading in one of the bedrooms! Do you drink a glass of Rose every night? We can take a shot of you pouring and enjoying a glass!

You don’t have to go overboard… 2 things from your list of five is completely fine. The Elm House is so beautiful that you could bring nothing and still have an amazing shoot! BUT, here are a few things I’m going to bring with me for you to use and I hope this post has gotten those gears turning!

  1. Some vintage cameras for my photographer friends

Elm House Branding Shoot

2. Some vintage LIFE wedding magazines for my wedding industry friends

Elm House Branding Shoot

3. My fave mug

Elm House Branding Shoot

4. Some cute accessories

Elm House Branding Shoot

5. My other favorite mug

Elm House Branding Shoot

6. Some cute notebooks

Elm House Branding Shoot

If you’re a photographer, bring your camera! If you’re a planner, bring your laptop and if you sketch, your books! If you’re a calligrapher, bring your pens and paper! If at all possible, I want to see you “in action.” I love seeing people do what they’re good at and branding shoots are the perfect way to visually translate what you do to your future clients!

Email me with any questions at denise(at)denisekaris.com and Click Here to reserve your spot!

Denise Karis is an Arizona photographer who enjoys musicals, Doctor Who and breakfast burritos. IG @denisekaris


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