Twenty Sixteen Highlights

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  1. Joining Wipa. I love this group and am so thankful to be a part of it. It’s just all too much. I love it.
  2. Making friends through the Amburgey Shoots. Katrina and Blake moved to AZ this year and have put together styled shoots for photographers in the valley. It’s such a great environment to try different ideas without the stress of a real wedding on your shoulders and it’s also fantastic to meet and shoot alongside other photographers.
  3. Showit United. This was my second year and it’s the funnest week of the whole year. I sang karaoke, line danced with my fellow photogs, drank too much champagne, and was inspired and energized by some of the leaders in the industry.
  4. Also at Showit United… seeing Jeff Kaylor perform at the Freedom Ball. He is a crazy talented magician and he made my signature disappear off a playing card and appear on a different card. That happened. And it blew my mind.
  5. Second Shooting for Rachel Solomon. I know, right? She’s fabulous.
  6. Meeting Anthony Rapp. FROM RENT. And like, talking to him for a bit. So crazy!
  7. Getting the Hamilton Mixtape. I am such a die hard for this musical, guys… I played the mixtape on repeat for days once it came out.
  8. Kayden throwing me a Hufflepuff birthday…yeah. My living room was turned into a black and yellow common room and I was given an owl, a glass of butterbeer and a glowstick wand. He’s the best.
  9. Spending a week doing nothing in Vegas. Everyone warned me I’d get tired of it and I absolutely didn’t…it was fantastic.
  10. Going with my friend Sarah to Babes & Braids at Tremaine Ranch. Charchuterie, braids, wine, and a movie under the stars… I need more nights like that one!
  11.  Hosting a terrarium party for my friend Michelle….and realizing she is a total terrarium artist.
  12. Meeting my besties newborn baby. Seeing someone you’ve known since 7th grade become a mother is unreal. In the best way.
  13. Catching the Salt River horses on an engagement session. It was honestly one of the most magical things ever to happen in front of my camera.
  14. Finally giving in and watching Sherlock. And falling in love with it. And when I say it I mean him. And when I say him I mean Benedict Cumberbatch.
  15. Seeing Fantastic Beasts and reading The Cursed Child. Anything new from the HP universe is an automatic highlight.
  16.  Taking Kayden to see the Sonoran Lights at the botanical gardens.
  17. Shooting two weddings in Sedona. It’s my new favorite place…if you’re ever in AZ, go to Sedona!
  18. Getting published! It’s something I’ve been holding off on submitting for so long and finally this year I made it my goal to get featured. I ended 2016 with six features and couldn’t be happier!
  19. Shooting in the water. I’ve always wanted to be one of those photographers that like, hang from cliffs to get their shot… this fall I got to be the photographer that got waist deep into a lake to get her shot. I felt so legit. The salt river horses also made an appearance at this shoot!!
  20. Waking up every morning being able to build something I am passionate about. That’s cheesey and sentimental enough to end this 2016 list, right? Good. 🙂


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