The Making of my Enamel Pins

So FIRST, did you know we launched a new YouTube channel? We did! It’s called Engaged In Arizona. January 31st, our first video went live and I’m working hard at building up our library of videos to be a resource for couples here in AZ who are planning their wedding. If you are amazing and want to help me out, I need subscribers! YouTube will only let me grow if I have subscribers so click here and hit subscribe!

Shortly after launching this project, I had the idea to produce enamel pins. If you don’t know, I’m a total enamel pin enthusiast. I have at least 20 in my collection of camera pins, Hamilton pins, a pin from the KeSha concert, a pin from our trip to Washington, a cactus pin, and NOW…a pin for Engaged In Arizona!

A lot of people have been asking about the process so I am happy to share each step with you!

  1. The concept. I put together this super rough concept and let it sit on my computer for weeks. Was I supposed to hire a Pin designer to make a real mockup of this to send to a producer? And how much was that going to cost? Google was giving me little help as I searched for “Enamel Pin Designer” and I was embarrassed to take this to any pin producer. One day I was clicking around The Studio’s site and a chat popped up. I decided to ask if they had any pin designers they could recommend. They asked to see my design and I sent them this image. They said their designers would make it look awesome from there once I paid for an order. Elated, I paid for 100 pins ($267) and waited for the design to come through.
    Enamel Pin Design Process
  2. That night I got my first mockup and I was thrilled. The design was absolutely adorable and I was so excited to see them in real life! I realized the line however looked like it was going through the word engaged and looked a little like a strike through, so I asked for a revision to move the line down.
    Enamel Pin Design Process
  3. The next image was what they sent back and I approved the design.

Enamel Pin Design Process

4. Then they sent my first sample image. This is what it would actually look like. I got super scared because the background colors look like off white and beige while I wanted white and pink. Also, the line though the D looked weird to me so I sent back at request to have those things fixed.

Enamel Pin Design Process

5. This was the final sample I approved. I was still really nervous because the lower part still looks beige to me and the edges showed bleeding – especially along that lower line. After I received this last sample photo, I still had to wait a month to get them in the mail.

Enamel Pin Design Process

6. Then they came! And I love them! Each one is absolutely perfect, clean lines, beautiful colors, the whole thing!

Enamel Pin Design Process

7. I ordered some quick and easy cards from VistaPrint and voila!

Want one? You can get one by clicking right here

If you’re an AZ wedding pro and want these as gifts for your couples, contact me for wholesale options!

If you’re looking to produce your own enamel pins, check out both The Studio and Made by Cooper. Both are awesome options that people have had great success with!

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