Ten Reasons Why You Should Schedule an Elm House Branding Shoot

OH HEY! So if you don’t already know, I rented out the Elm House in Gilbert October 29th and early bird pricing is from now until October 22nd! So you can go grab your spot here for only $150! Like, for real. If you’re on the fence, here are ten reasons why you absolutely should sign up!

  1. Renting out The Elm House is expensive! I first went to the Elm House in Downtown Gilbert in April and I thought “This is cute! Maybe I’ll rent it later for a thing, it’s only $200 a day!” WELL NO you see you have to rent it for a minimum of two days and with the cleaning fee, the taxes and the convenience fee (What even is that?) it came out to $616 to rent this space. That’s not cheap, you feel? SO if you’re thinking “huh. Cute. good to know it’s on Air B&B,” well my friend, this is a perfect chance for you to get up in there without forking over $600!
  2. Because Jenna is always telling us to show up on our feed! Or Jasmine. Or whoever you listen to. Chances are they tell you you need to show up on your feed, especially if you hope to make it as a small business owner! People will buy from you because they love what you do, yes, but MANY MORE people will work with you because they like you!!!
  3. Pro Photos of yourself is a huge piece of the business puzzle. The best advice on weight loss I ever got was from a guy who sat next to me at my office job. He said, “Weight loss isn’t one big thing. It’s 1000 tiny decisions and they ALL COUNT EQUALLY.” It blew my mind. Because the same counts for business. It’s not just good copy. It’s not just a great website. It’s not just beautiful work. It’s that AND! All that gorgeous mix you’ve put together and profesh photos of yourself showing the sparkly, amazing, creative woman that you are is DEFINITELY a part of that puzzle.
  4. People want to see real people! It’s so fascinating to see behind the curtain and learn about the person who does the creating in your business! We are drawn to real stories, real journeys, we love seeing real growth, real struggle, real progress.
  5. Strong visual elements will increase a consumers willingness to read a caption by 80%! Want to get people to read what you write? Photos can help with that! Like, a lot!
  6. I’m kind of amazing at posing. I’m not one to brag, but the biggest compliment I get over and over and over again is that I give very strong and consistent direction. I never say “Um. Okay. Be cute!” I learned really early on that it’s intimidating to be in front of a camera and that it’s up to me to shoot like I’m a director. I guide and I work angles all day! So if you’re shy and feeling like an hour in front of my camera is a no go, just read this review from Vanessa!
  7. This session will help to allow for a connection. Last year I went to the Taylor Swift concert and she said, “Everyone is looking for a connection.” The fact that she invites those connections is what makes her the biggest star of our generation. People have hired me because I posted about my pet bird. They’ve hired me because they love that I love musicals. Talking about yourself and giving people a way to connect with you is one of the best things you can do for your business. Check out this post for stuff that I’m bringing and suggestions on what you can bring too!
  8. It’ll be SO MUCH FUN! I just went to a Tuesdays Together meeting last week and a big topic of discussion was how hard it is to SEE yourself on video, in photos… and I remembered something Sue Bryce said years ago. She said “The more you see yourself, the more you get used to it and you start to see yourself as you see other people.” we are all so critical of ourselves and the only way around that is to look at ourselves MORE. After a while, you start to look at yourself as you look at others. You start to say, “Huh…. I really like the way my nose wrinkles when I laugh.” and “It’s kind of cute the way I talk fast when I’m nervous.” Because we think that of other people all the time, right? Those little nuances when you get to know someone stand out and become endearing. This experience will be the safest way to dip your toe in those waters, I promise! You’re super safe with me and I will do my best to bring out all those awesome things everyone else sees in you!!
  9. Because you’ve been meaning to anyway. We all need to boost our brand and boost our marketing. “I know I need to….” is something I’ve heard 50 times this week!
  10. Because the price is SOOOO right. Have you heard? Good photography isn’t cheap! The only reason prices are this low is because we are doing back to back sessions! I don’t make broad sweeping statements like this often but I feel really strongly about this one: you absolutely 100% will not get a better rate AND better photos. Promise. There are photographers out there willing to take you to downtown Tempe for a headshot session for $50 but the photos won’t be that good. 🙁 Sorry. There are also photographers out there who will take GORGEOUS photos for you, but they’re probably somewhere around $800. When I decided to set this pricing, I turned to Raffi and said, “This seems REALLY low…” but in the end, I am passionate about this project and WANT you to have amazing photos to use in your marketing and on social media, so here we are. Let’s do this, you ready?!

CLICK HERE to reserve your spot!

Denise Karis is an Arizona photographer who enjoys musicals, Doctor Who and breakfast burritos. IG @denisekaris


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