I might be late to this party and not know it. That happens sometimes. One time I sent an amazing and unique song I had found to a friend who kindly informed me that Royals by Lorde had been on the top 20 list for weeks at that point. So, you know, this might be that time too. BUT if it’s not, then here we go! Cause I just saw these ADOOORABLE swipeable galleries on Instagram and I want to make a million of them now! So far I’ve only found their names to be #swipegram but if anyone knows another name they go by, then please let me know!

I just posted my first one today and wanted to share how I made it!

Step 1. Create the complete image:
I went into Photoshop and created a new image. Since Instagram posts are 1080×1080, I decided how many images I wanted my swipegram to be and I multiplied it by 1080. So for four images, my document would be 4320px wide and 1080px tall. Then I created a panoramic image and saved it as a regular jpeg.

Step 2. Cut file into even pieces:
I found this website and it was awesome for piecing out my file into perfect Instagram friendly squares. In the first section, upload your file. In the second section, choose how many even pieces you want to cut it into width wise ( I chose 4. You can choose more or less based on your file) and then how many parts you want it cut into height wise… I chose 1 because I don’t want to cut it down the middle at all. Then click ok. It will take about 30 seconds and then you can save each part.

Step 3. Instagram!
You got this part.