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Photography is so fun! I allow myself to have a great time and be creative. I’ve grown over the years and when I’m shooting, I feel free and confident and in my element. But after a busy weekend like this last weekend, I am mentally drained. I’ve been sitting in front of my computer watching 30 Rock re-runs and eating endless amounts of popcorn because I am knee deep in editing, friends. I wanted to take today to post a cute bouquet shot from Saturdays wedding at Superstition Manor. The bridesmaids were seriously rocking the sage dresses from Bella Bridesmaids. You’re going to love this group! ¬†THEN on Sunday I got to join the gentlemen from Dapper Event Design at this dream home in Phoenix for a poolside summer shoot. I’m pretty excited about both of these, so, more to come and in the meantime, feel free to send caffeine!


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