I listen to about four podcasts… but I only listen to bit of some of them. It’s kind of a lot for me to find the time to listen to a complete episode and be able to grasp every word… do you feel the same? As much as I love podcasts, I’m limited on time… and maybe you are too. In fact, do you think that our increasingly limited time has a lot to do with blogs seeing a decrease in readership? No one has time to follow blogs much anymore AND an hour long podcast is a lot to commit to for most people. SO, my friend, I’m slowly but surely converting my blog into a mini IGTV podcast. Each episode is around 5 minutes and is taken from a blog post I’ve written here.

Last year I blogged every day for 100 days and much as expected, only a few dozen people actually read it. #TotallyOk. But now this ideas has allowed me to reach more people and connect with new friends over on IGTV. So here are the first five! I’ll keep them coming on the blog but you can also keep up to date on Instagram every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

If you’re a passionate creative with something awesome to say, let me know, I want to have “Guest episodes’ where you share your best 5 minutes on my channel!


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So really, this is just my attempt to get out of writing captions… 3-5 minutes, three times a week, this is happening.

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