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Gift giving has always been my love language. Unfortunately, I’ve never been someone who has thousands at her disposal at any given moment so over the years I’ve found I’ve mastered the art of the $10 gift. Or $20 if I really love you. But mostly, my gifts are extremely thoughtful and also kind of frugal.

In a previous post I wrote:

My love language is gift giving. My brain is somehow wired to take note when someone mentions a problem or a want or a like. My friend who recently mentioned her love of Aveda products will surely be getting some hair care in December. My cousin who told me her feet kept slipping at Yoga class got a pair of yoga socks for her birthday. My aunt who was nauseous from chemo got a bag of ginger candy in the mail. Gift giving is all about making someone’s life better, easier, or more enjoyable. It’s also about making someone feel cared about and listened to.

So let’s put a pin in that for now (ooohhh forshadowing)

Several years ago I discovered enamel pins. You’ve probably seen them, like, everywhere. They’re cute little pins that can literally be anything. From a cartoon animal, to a balloon animal, to a bottle of hot sauce, a hamburger, a Polaroid or a logo. Early this year I had the idea to make a pin to promote my YouTube channel, Engaged In Arizona. My gift giving gears were turning because I knew I wanted to give pins that appealed to engaged women in Arizona. This is what I came up with:

And wouldn’t you know it, people freaked the heck out when I gave them one. Like, it immediately went on their purse or top or whatever they had handy. They asked a million questions. They were all over it.

Let’s break here and learn a few fun facts. Did you know that there are ten billion business cards printed every year? And out of those ten billion, 80% are thrown away within a week of giving them out? That means for every 100 cards you hand out, 80 will end up in the trash within a week. No wonder business sites are telling us that business cards are obsolete and we should stop printing them!

But what if you made your business card a gift? Like…an enamel pin? Because here’s the thing about enamel pins: they have kind of a meme mentality to them. There’s a certain generational, cultural element that makes them feel oddly personal. Can I give you a few examples of that? Cause I’m going to show you about ten pins and I’m 100% sure you’ll feel a connection to at least one of them.

What did you think? Maybe you had a moment of “Heh, that’s kinda cute.” Maybe you thought, “I know someone who would LOVE that one!” or maybe you saw one and immediately clicked on it because you had to have it yourself (totally the Hamilton ones for me!)

What if you were daydreaming about your wedding invitations and a stationer handed you a card with a pin designed to look like a vintage wedding stamp? Would you throw it away? Not a chance! Redesigning your business cards into mini gifts is going to be the trend that I totally make happen. #CallingMyShot

Luckily, your homegirl here has tons of Buzzfeed culture under her belt. I am here to help come up with a gorgeous pin design that speaks to your target audience and get it made from start to finish.

Make it happen by clicking here for pricing, process and details!

Denise Karis is an Arizona photographer who enjoys musicals, Doctor Who and breakfast burritos. IG @denisekaris



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