Elm House Branding Sessions Round 2

It’s happening! 

In June, we rented out The Elm House in downtown Gilbert and scheduled back to back branding sessions… It was a blast!!

So now we are gearing up for round two! If you’re new here and haven’t heard about these sessions, let me fill you in.

You know how you definitely need to show up on your feed? Well here’s your chance! If you’re someone who is kind of “Meh” about the photos your husband takes of you in front of that wall you thought would look cute… or maybe you’re like me and you just don’t get around to setting a self timer on yourself when out in public, this is a great way to get fun, professional photos of yourself for your marketing and media without investing a whole lot.

On location branding sessions are $350…UNLESS you sign up for a back to back group shoot (Like this one!). Then the price drops to only $250. Gorgeous, right? However, if you reserve your spot within the early bird window, you’ll only pay $150………… for a full hour session……..and FIFTY images, all delivered within a WEEK. Uh…wat?

Yeah, friend, this is kind of awesome and I’m not one to brag!

This round has only TEN spaces available and tickets go on sale Monday (Tomorrow) for email subscribers and Tuesday for non email subscribers. So if you’re wanting to get a spot, click here to sign up for the mailing list asap!


1 Hour session at The Elm House
50 images delivered within a week
$150 if you sign up before 8/20
Sessions scheduling for Tuesday August 27th
Tickets go on sale tomorrow (Monday) for email subscribers and Tuesday for non email subscribers

Total Bonus: 

Now you can add video to your session! For only $100 additional, we will also produce four 3-5 second clips to use as website backgrounds (See how I use mine on my home page below!) or as a Facebook video banner! The best part is, they’re all sized to 8 mb or less so they’re ready to go on the Showit platform! #SoGood

That’s it! You’re all filled in! Send me an email or comment below and I’ll be here to answer any questions!!

Denise Karis is an Arizona photographer who enjoys musicals, Doctor Who and breakfast burritos. IG @denisekaris


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