Day 91: Creating Client Experiences

I was walking around my house the other day and I was feeling pretty lucky. Guys, I spent eleven years living in Apache Junction, wishing for taller ceilings and countertops that weren’t pink. Earlier this year, I moved into a new home and I am gonna be real, I never thought I’d live in a house like this. It has absolutely everything that I put on my dream list from tall ceilings to a beautiful backyard to a fireplace, a split floor plan and tree lined streets.

I looked at a particular nook in a wall in the dining room and I thought, “Dang. I love that nook. But if it wasn’t there, would I still love this house so much?” The answer was, well, yes. Would I have still bought the house? Well… yes. And then I said “What about the fireplace? Would I still have wanted to move in if that was gone?” Well…… yes……. mhmm, okay, what about the sliding door in the master bedroom? The fountain in the back?

And as I started taking away small things, I had a hard time determining where that line was. That line that would have put me on the side of “This isn’t the house for us.” Because it isn’t any ONE thing. It’s lots of little things that take a standard, unimpressive house and turn it into a dream home.

This thought process turned my focus on my business. My couples love that I send them a gift on their first holiday season… if I didn’t do that would they still love working with me? Well… yes. What if I didn’t send them a Greetabl after their engagement session? Well… yes…

What if you went to Disneyland to find that guy with the balloons wasn’t there? Would it still be Disneyland? Well… yes. I can do without the balloons. What about if Pirates of the Caribbean wasn’t there? Well… yes cause it’s out of order half the time anyway (HA!). What if we took away churros from Disneyland? Um… okay… well, yes, I suppose I don’t need a churro to have a Disney experience. But the truth is, the Disney experience is a ton of tiny things that make it what it is. It isn’t ONE thing. Disneyland isn’t JUST the Cinderella castle. To me, Disneyland is looking at all the flowers and the impressive plant life. It’s the rides, sure. It’s also trying to find baby ducks when going into Adventureland. It’s hearing accents from all over. It’s the cast members that go out of their way to make sure your child is enjoying themselves.

This reverse evaluation is how I went about creating my own client experience. The way Disneyland is ducks and churros and Mickey and flowers, I want to be handwritten cards and printed products and gratitude and guidance for my clients.

OK so you create a client experience but then… the hard part is the consistency. Sometimes you forget to send a Greetabl and friends, it’s worse than you think.

I’ll tell you a story about a bar I went to with some friends. It was a piano bar and the second we walked in, the music STOPPED, a spotlight shined on us and the guy at the piano shouted “WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?” After letting us be deer in headlights for a second, they went back to playing and we thought it was hilarious.

Four of the five in my group were there and the last was running a bit late. We all excitedly kept our eyes on the door knowing that when she came in, the spotlight would turn to her face and she would get the same shocking and entertaining welcome we did and we didn’t want to miss it. Someone spotted her walking up and we all swatted each other on the shoulder saying “Look look look here she comes.” She opened the door and… nothing. We all physically deflated. “Oh… lame.”

When we have a fun experience, we WANT our friends to experience it too so they can come back to us and we can rave over it. “DID YOU SEE THE BABY DUCKS???” “YES! DID YOU TRY THE DOLE WHIP?!” “OH MY GOD YES THOSE ARE THE BEST!”

Think about how often this happens! It happens with songs or inspiring YouTube videos… it happens with restaurants and musical theater (HAVE YOU SEEN HAMILTON?!) because we all want our friends to have mind blowing experiences like we did.

The weight of the experience ball is huge… once you create it, don’t drop it.

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Denise Karis is an Arizona photographer who enjoys musicals, Doctor Who and breakfast burritos. IG @denisekaris