Day 89: Things I Learned From Gary Vee

The first time I heard Gary Vee talk was maybe six years ago and my first thought was, “This guy seems so full of himself.” He talked so fast and over people and he was also abrasive and harsh and way too in your face. And then, two years later, I listened to him again… and okay, I get it. He’s completely needed. I really feel like the people I follow and subscribe to on YouTube are all people who are completely different from one another. I WANT a fun and happy Marie Forleo giving me amazing tools to use in my business. I also WANT an in your face Gary Vee motivating the hell out of me and lighting a fire. And I want an intelligent *ahem, sexy*, leader like Simon Sinek in my life to make me feel inspired and to make me want to be a better person. All these people are giving us their unique gifts to serve US and I’m so grateful for them.

If you have never listened to Gary Vee, get ready for some no nonsense advice, amazing guidance and inspiration and lots of F Bombs.

1. Be unapologetically yourself. Be self aware and be certain of who you are. Your strengths and your shortcomings are supposed to be there to guide you.

2. Just Start.” Look yourself in the mirror and say, ‘What do I want to do every day for the rest of my life?’ Do that.” He breaks through the noise and makes it easy. This is a great compilation video from Gary with tons of motivation.

3. Set a goal to play. A very consistent message from Gary is that he is in it to play. He’s not setting a dollar amount of “I want to be a millionaire.” Instead, his goals are to be impactful, to work hard, and to be good at what he does. It’s not to keep up with the Jonses or impress someone he doesn’t know. You love him. I can feel it.

4. Be happy with yourself. You can make others happy while making yourself miserable. You can impress others while killing yourself. You can set big dreams but not put in the small work. And you can get a lot done and realize you actually did nothing of value. Make sure what you’re filling your day with feeds into your own personal life goals.

5. These last two are long videos but well worth it. I always feel so lucky that even though I didn’t go to the NAC Conference, I can still hear this keynote. Gary encourages us to go where people are. Your phone has your attention… so be on peoples’ phones.

6. Another keynote that I love… he talks a lot about playing big and changing with the times. Check out his YouTube library and click on a few titles that peak your interest… you won’t be disappointed!

Gary posts videos several times a week… he has more content than you can possibly expect to consume and all of them are created with the intention to fuel your dreams. This guy has a lifetime internet crush from me!!

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Denise Karis is an Arizona photographer who enjoys musicals, Doctor Who and breakfast burritos. IG @denisekaris