Day 88: Things I Learned From Marie Forleo

The three people I follow religiously on YouTube are Marie Forleo, Simon Sinek, and Gary Vee. Those are my homies and I wanted to share over three days, my favorite lessons and videos from these amazing people.

I started watching Marie TV about four years ago when a title caught my attention. Then I went down a few-day long rabbit hole watching her videos. Simon is inspiring and Gary is motivating, but Marie gives you real tools and real ideas for your business. I’m still kind of shocked that she does so much for free on her YouTube channel, but I’ll totally take it! She’s great and fun and full of knowledge that she shares freely!

1. You don’t have to be fancy to be successful or persuasive. Marie shows a video from one of the scholarship entries for her online course and demonstrates how a person can be authentic and persuasive without fancy lighting, wardrobe, or camera perfection.

2. Facts tell and stories sell. When you offer the same thing as everyone else, standing out can be done by telling your own personal story, stating what you believe in, and your customer experience.

3. Your customer has a key influencer. Sometimes it’s their partner, sometimes it’s a wedding planner, or a group like a PTA or book club. Sometimes, reaching the key influencer can be the difference between booking the client and not.

4. What to do when business is slow. Sometimes going back to basics is a good call, especially when you feel stuck and directionless.

5. The good thing about Marie is that she constantly gives a different point of view. We see everything one way and she says “Hey, here’s more, over here, let me show you.” She’s so good, friends and I loved what she had to say in this video. These might be mistakes that you have no idea you’re making.

6. This is like a mini life hack… the best way to increase productivity and stop those “What do I do???” moments that we all have as creative business owners.

7. Strategies to make those hard decisions. Sometimes logic says one thing, your heart say another thing, and your gut says something else. How do you wade through all those thoughts and feelings to find your decision?

Guys, that was day 88! We’ll see you tomorrow for a day of Gary Vee!

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Denise Karis is an Arizona photographer who enjoys musicals, Doctor Who and breakfast burritos. IG @denisekaris