Day 86: Combating Sore Feet on a Wedding Day

MERRRRYYYY CHRISTMAS!!!!! I thought long and hard about what post was going to be on Christmas Day and this is the one I chose.

God help me every time my feet hurt. I complain to my second shooter over dinner. Or if there’s no one to complain to, I throw a secret internal pity party because I’m SUCH a baby about foot pain.

OK so let’s go over how to combat sore feet! And make no mistake, this is a post about FEET, so if words like toes and toe nails and toe smell freak you out, the door is in the shape of a small red X in the upper right hand corner of your screen. Just lookin’ out for you, boo.

I’m usually good on my feet until after the ceremony. After the ceremony, my feet start feeling sore and a bit grimey. So after the ceremony, I go to the restroom and I wipe down my feet with baby wipes. I know… the visual. But I’m trying to help here. I need a freshen up, friends. So I wipe that grimey feeling away and I do two things. First, I spray some of this, then I change shoes. I believe that’s the secret to surviving the reception. Change. Shoes.

Some other words of wisdom:

  1. Massage your feet (especially the arches) the morning of the wedding. It’s like stretching before working out. I promise, it helps to loosen those tendons.
  2. Make sure your shoes have arch support and are comfortable. Comfort is the name of the game.
  3. Sore feet is due to the swollen tendons and muscles in your feet. When you get home, you can do an epsom salt soak and then lay down with your back flat on the floor and your legs straight up a wall like a big L to bring down some of the extra swelling.
  4. Closed toed shoes sometimes make your toenails fall off. Gross but true. Be careful. I like the open toed shoes for that reason.
  5. Wearing ballet flats? Spray a lil’ Gold Bond spray on your soles before heading out just as an added precaution.

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