Day 73: Three Game Changers

In any industry, you pick up little tid bits here and there that improve your game and your craft. Business ideas, marketing ideas, shooting tips, posing prompts… each wedding, each styled shoot, each workshop, and each class or seminar adds to your cache of knowledge but sometimes, a bomb drops. A genius tip that completely rocks your world and changes your entire game. These are my three.

Back Button Focus:

If you’re not doing this, you have to right now. It takes a little getting used to but it’s completely worth it. I started back button focusing in 2009 and never looked back. Have you ever focused by pressing the shutter half way and then you press to take the photo and the focus rethinks and changes on its own? Yeah. That’s the worst. Back button focus allows you to click the * button on the back of your camera to focus, and then pressing the shutter has no effect on the focus. It’s brilliant and gives you so much more control!  Check out this helpful YouTube on how to set it up!

Photo Mechanic:

I used to use bridge to cull my images and it was painfully slow. I would hit next and have to wait two to three seconds for the image to load before I could tag it. If you’re going through 1500 images, three seconds per image adds up to about 90 minutes of extra time just waiting for images to load. Photo mechanic is so incredibly fast and it saves me tons of time. I use the arrow keys to navigate through the images and click the T button to tag them. Then I copy the images to a folder and import those images into Lightroom. Megan Kelsey has a great walk through that you can watch to see the interface and Photo Mechanic has a free trial you can check out right here! 

Batch Editing:

I used to go through each and every image and edit it one by one. Batch editing allows you to edit one image and then apply the same settings to as many images as you like. So if you have 20 images that are all the same light, exposure, etc, then you can apply the edit across the board and be done within seconds! This method has allowed me to edit full weddings within a matter of hours! The video below covers the method I use in the first three minutes!


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Denise Karis is an Arizona photographer who enjoys musicals, Doctor Who and breakfast burritos. IG @denisekaris