Day 72: Wedding Day Hacks

    1. Lens Cap Hack:
      Set your invitations on a lens cap to elevate it off of the style board or whatever you’re using. Use this to add depth and dimension to your image and also to keep it level if your background involves fabric that makes the invitation lay weird. 
    2. Dress Clamp:
      Use a clamp on the back of the bridal dress to make the waist look smaller when taking “the dress shot”. Make sure you get one with a rubber tip so that it doesn’t catch on the fabric. $3 at Lowes!
    3. Dress Hook:
      There is rarely a hook where you need it! Bring a command hook to hang the dress wherever you want! Hang and then remove with absolutely no damage to the wall!
    4. Ring Putty:
      Rings keep falling over? Bring some wall putty to keep them standing while you shoot!
    5. Use the bridesmaid’s dress as a background:
      Creating a color story is one of the most important things you can do for your wedding day gallery. To stay consistent, use a bridesmaid’s dress to shoot details on. I drape it over a chair to give it a base and background so I can easily arrange details. 
    6. Rain Gear:
      You never know. Bring some clear umbrellas and a storm jacket to your weddings and keep them in the trunk for a rainy day. 
    7. Detail Bag:
      You swoon over all the detail shots from fellow photographers and wonder why your couples don’t have vintage postage stamps, Mrs. Boxes, and gold scrolly hangers. The truth is, the photographers probably brought their own! Bring your own generic details to add some pretty for your couples!

8. Bring a small bag of amenities with you for the guests, bridal party and couple.

•Allergy Pills: At least twice a season I get asked if I have any. A spring garden wedding can be an emergency waiting to happen!
•Steroid Cream: For the kid who gets a sudden rash from her flowers or a bug bite that itches like crazy.
•Baby Wipes: Removes deodorant marks.
•White Wine: Removes red wine stains (Don’t carry white wine with you but this is good to know)

9. Sore Feet:
Ok guys, after the ceremony, go to the bathroom, baby wipe your feet, spray some of this on your feet, and CHANGE SHOES! The key to combating sore feet on a wedding day is changing your shoes! You’ll feel like a new man/woman!

10. Combat Sweat: Ok, I live in AZ so I’m not a stranger to sweating on a wedding day! For those annoying areas, use this… it’s a miracle. I also put some on my face as a makeup primer. Curl your lip now but thank me later!

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Denise Karis is an Arizona photographer who enjoys musicals, Doctor Who and breakfast burritos. IG @denisekaris