Day 68: Film Resources

You guys, if you’re anything like me, occasionally you will have a mindblowing moment when you realize just how much knowledge is at our fingertips! We have literally every bit of human knowledge in our pockets! At all times! It’s amazing! So to end this last day of my film series, I am leaving you with my favorite articles, videos, and resources that have all helped me immensely with learning film.

1. Loading Film: There are tons out there but D’arcy is my YouTube homegirl, so I’m gonna set you up with this one. Subscribe to her channel too, she has a ton of great resources!

2. Vitor Lindo: This is a three part series and he is extremely thorough on what he carries with him, his gear setup, and then in the third video you follow him through an engagement session. I don’t remember how I found this video a couple of years ago but I’m glad I took the time to watch this series!

3. How to meter for different film stocks: This is another one by D’arcy but SO helpful! I took notes on this video, guys!

4. Chances are, you shoot both film AND digital. Mastin Labs is the best channel you can possibly subscribe to on YouTube and it’s because they’re all about hybrid shooting! This video has helped me so much in learning how to edit film scans!

5. The Find Lab Blog

I am such a Find Lab fan girl and I encourage you to become one too! They cover film shooting from different guest bloggers and also do spotlights on different film stocks and inspiration posts each month. I love this blog because it’s not just one person talking at you, it’s multiple photographers, and photos from different photographers and film stocks… it’s so much knowledge and information all in one place. Even if I never shoot a 6×6 Rolleiflex camera, I’m still going to read this post because I love the knowledge!! You can never know too much about your field, you guys! Keep this in the favorites and check back every few weeks to catch up on the new goodness that this amazing company drops for you!

6. Mastin Labs YouTube Channel

I know I mentioned this above, but you guys, just scroll through this library. Having lunch with Kirk Mastin is on my photography bucket list. He’s so generous with his knowledge and is such a gift to the photography industry!

7. How to Get Started Shooting Film with Abby Grace: Abby is an amazing film photographer and she has this great starter video you can check out right here!

8. Pentax 645 Review: Ok girl, you gotta chill on the Mastin Videos, right? Nope, sorry, not gonna happen. This review convinced me to give my camera a real try after I kicked and screamed about not getting a Contax.

9. Mike Janik 13 Film photography hacks: Mike has a great YouTube channel with a lot of fabulous info served up straight and fast. I dig this guy.

10: Find in a Box: Jon Canlas is an incredible film photographer who has put together a complete film photography course. From their site: FIND in a Box contains everything you need to know to successfully shoot film in the modern world. From cameras to film stocks, metering to lighting, storytelling to posing — everything I know about film — it’s all here. (And it’s on freaking video, people.) 

Click the link above to go to the site and click here to get a free video from the course. It’s soooooo worth it!


Friends, that was the end of the film series and day 68! Day 98 is currently reserved for any questions you have throughout the 100 days. To submit a question, please click here!  If you’re interested in supporting this project, please share, PIN and comment! Any other questions, comments or ideas, please feel free to email me at denise(at)denisekaris(dot)com

Denise Karis is an Arizona photographer who enjoys musicals, Doctor Who and breakfast burritos. IG @denisekaris