Day 45: A Day of Quotable Inspiration

I remember when Pinterest came out. It was such a great idea… I had always kept a folder on my desktop with beautiful or inspiring pieces I had found on the internet. Suddenly, I could not only save those things but I could organize them, share them, and view others’ saved items. So great! One of the first boards I remember starting was a board of quotes that inspired me. Words are so powerful and we have the wonderful benefit of being able to read words of advice, wisdom and courage from those who were also dream chasers. Today I’m going to post some of my favorite quotes off my board. I feel like taking a break and enjoying inspiring quotes is good for the soul. Enjoy, add your own link in the comments, and I’ll see you tomorrow for day 46: Creating Graphics for Social Media.


Which one was your favorite? Or do you have one you want to share in the comments? I’d love to hear what inspires you and thank you for being here for day 45! We will see you tomorrow for day 46: Read: The Subtle Art of not giving a F***!

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Denise Karis is an Arizona photographer who enjoys musicals, Doctor Who and breakfast burritos. IG @denisekaris