Day 31: What Your Photography Website Should Say About You

We as photographers have been told many times over the years that your website and your social media is meant to attract or repel clients. We all know that the repel part is just as important as the attract part to get dream clients you want to work with. I feel like we are also often told that we need to do things without doing them. Sell without selling, talk about your business without talking about yourself, and marketing without advertising. And to be honest, that always makes me feel a little bit like that Justin Timberlake Gif. Running a business is hard, and now you want to bring some sort of reverse psychology into it? I’m already tired, you know?

So when it comes to writing your about me page, there are a few tid bits I find are important. First, everyone has at least two versions of themselves. We’ve all been at a networking event or social setting where we aren’t quite comfortable. We are polite and we smile and we are interested in others, but then we have another version. It comes out when we are around that one person who makes us the best version of ourselves. We all have that one person who makes us come alive and sparkle. We are funny around that person, we are clever and flirty and fun and joyful around that person. THAT’S the you that should be on your about me page. That’s the you people will fall in love with.

Um, kay, we’ll how exactly do I get that down on paper? The answer is, go talk to that person! Talk to them about your business. Talk about what your business is trying to accomplish and watch the words spill out. Land some of that on paper and use that as a start.

The other tid bit here is to make sure what you’re saying about yourself also benefits them in some way. It’s not enough to say that you’re super organized… how does you being organized translate to them wanting to hire you for their wedding? Do your couples love how your organization skills helps them stay on track on their wedding day? Or how your romantic heart comes through in your final product? How your art history background allows you to curate their story in a timeless and classic way? You don’t JUST have an art history background… your art history background makes you a better wedding photographer BECAUSE… Fill in the blank. Does this make sense?

Lastly, while I don’t like “round about” ways of accomplishing something as mentioned above, I do feel like it’s more valuable for someone else to talk you up than it is for you to talk yourself up. No one likes that one guy who can’t shut up about himself, so stay away from that. The best way I’ve found to talk about myself through someone else is to say something like “The number one feedback I get from brides is.” This is what you HEAR about yourself, not what you decide and say about yourself. This works perfectly every time and it helps someone like myself, who DOESN’T love talking themselves up, to relay some of the hype about my business.

As always, I want to hear you in the comments below! What resonated with you? Anything you can add to the conversation? Thanks for being here and I’ll see you tomorrow for day 32: The Right Way to Network.

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Denise Karis is an Arizona photographer who enjoys musicals, Doctor Who and breakfast burritos. IG @denisekaris