Day 28: How To Find More Hours in a Day

How to make more hours in a day. Denise Karis Photography Blog

For seven years I was a single mother working a full time job and growing a business all at once. I feel like that statement alone earns me some badass points. Over that time, a lot of my friends would say something like, “I don’t know how you do it.” Sometimes I would reply, “Well, I’m tired ALL THE TIME.” and other times I would actually wonder how I was functioning with so much on my plate. At the end of the day it came down to one thing: I always tried to make my time count twice.

I was never doing JUST one thing. I was editing AND catching up on my Netflix shows. I was spending time with my mom AND cooking dinner. I was working at my job AND listening to Creative Live AND walking on the treadmill desk in the corner of the office when it was available. Everything was two fold. Sometimes it would be me teaching Kayden how I Photoshop when he wanted attention and I needed to get a shoot posted. Other times it was me emailing a client while watching Curious George for the 19th time. If you can ever kill two birds with one stone, do it. It will make sure you’re getting the most mileage for your time.

I would also take help when it was offered. Do you ever notice when someone offers you help you always say “Oh, no, I’m fine, thank you.” When really, that thing that just got offered to you would have really helped you. Next time try saying yes! That would be great! Even if it’s something like a friend inviting you over for dinner. Does that friend have kids? Guess what? That’s friend time, a play date for your kids, AND time saved from having to make dinner. That’s three things in one, my friend. You feel me?

Next, make people come to you. I lived very far East for years, and back in the days where I would have to go to meet clients at a Starbucks, they would always say “I’m in North Phoenix” which was a good hour drive from where I was. Instead of meeting them out there, I would offer to meet half way. Then when I got my studio, I would let them know I meet clients at my studio. Having people come to you also creates buy-in. When someone is more willing to put in a little effort, time or money to meet with you, they are more likely to book with you than if everything were placed at their feet.

Lastly, stack your calendar. It is better to have three meetings in one day with two days off than it is to have three meetings in three days. This also counts for client meetings. If I have three client meetings in one week, I am going to try to get them back to back with a ten to fifteen minute buffer. This saves me time on driving to my studio and time on getting everything I need for a client meetings ready.

Can you think of some things in your life you can combine so your time counts as double? What do you do to save time during your week? Let me know in the comments down below and I’ll see you tomorrow for day 29: Handling internet haters.

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