Click Bloom: A New Pop Up Shop

Click Bloom Pop Up Shop

Is it just ingrained in our generation to always have a side project? Because I’m totally a full time photographer BUT over the last year, I’ve found myself slipping into little side projects to fuel my creative energy. If you hated that I just said “Fuel my creative energy,” it’s okay, I kind of hated it too. But it’s true. Last Easter, I was styling photos for Instagram and arranged a few pressed flowers around a vintage camera I had. The effect was so cute that I did it again the next day but with fresh flowers.

Over the next several weeks, I took it to another level, buying over 15 vintage cameras and using buckets of fresh flowers to create more and more intricate flat lay images. Around that time I was listening to Hamilton in my car and the lyric “Click Boom” came on. I immediately knew I would name this new art project Click Bloom. So good, right?!

Click Bloom Pop Up Shop

Click Bloom became the name of my Etsy shop and now it’s a pop up shop!

After adding a few new items to my catalog, I set a goal in February to reach out to four shops and ask if they’d be interested in carrying any of my items. While most said they didn’t have space, The Farm at Agritopia invited me to apply to be a vendor on their Farm Nights. My response was, “OKAY!!”

In a frantic hurry, Raffi and I bought a table cloth, borrowed a table, and setup an Instagram. We had our first Farm Night last Wednesday and are now going to be hanging out at Agritopia every Wednesday!

I of course brought my camera with us to our first farm night to take some photos of their market. Look at all the adorable details … I know I’m not the only one who thinks vegetables are incredibly beautiful on camera!

Click Bloom Pop Up Shop

If you want to follow this journey with us, follow @shopclickbloom on Instagram! <3 Thanks for being here, friends! xo

Click Bloom Pop Up Shop Click Bloom Pop Up Shop Click Bloom Pop Up Shop Click Bloom Pop Up Shop Click Bloom Pop Up Shop

Denise Karis is an Arizona photographer who enjoys musicals, Doctor Who and breakfast burritos. IG @denisekaris