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It’s been about eight months since I started shooting film and I am in love. The colors on film are so delicious and it makes everything so pastel and touchable. When I saw the style board for this wedding shoot I couldn’t wait to be a part of it. I absolutely adore the navy and […]

Mountain Shadows Wedding

Mountain Shadows Wedding Denise Karis

A few months ago I had the urge to do an in studio bridal portrait and a few amazing vendors came together to make it happen! I couldn’t be happier with the way this turned out. There’s nothing better than giving your vision over to those who are passionate about their work and seeing it […]

Bridal Portrait Part 1

Bridal Portrait Denise Karis

When I was told I had to hold off on sharing images for this shoot online, I immediately sent a few to my bestie. It’s my fix when I’m itching to share fun photos and have to wait. Her reply was immediate, “Whatever those guys are hosting, I want an invite.”  This pretty much sums […]

Dapper Editorial

Denise Karis Blog Dapper Events Styled Shoot

Elizabeth and Shawn met while working together as Payroll Sales Representatives and rooted their friendship for over a year before dating. Shawn had asked her to go prospecting with him but it wasn’t until six month after that that they made New Years Eve their first official date. They spent the next three years traveling […]

Sage Desert Wedding

Sage Desert Wedding

Lindsay and Armando met in Arizona… Lindsay came first from Pennsylvania for school and almost headed back after graduation but ultimately decided to stay. Later, Armando moved to Arizona with his family and went to school at NAU. The two ended up working for the same company and after a year of building a friendship, […]

Lavender Wedding at The Secret Garden

The Secret Garden Wedding Denise Karis Blog

Saturday morning, at one of my favorite spots in Arizona, two of my favorite people got married. Kelly is one of the few people I can actually be myself around. She is kind and caring and wonderful. So when she told me about Erinn, I had to know every detail. They started chatting by sending […]

Coon Bluff Wedding

Denise Karis Blog Saguaro Lake Wedding

If you live in the AZ, you know there are only a few right ways to DO Southwest Décor and a lot of wrong ways. The Royal Palms in Scottsdale seriously knows how to do the Southwest. You arrive to a circular pathway with a stunningly pretty fountain in the middle. It’s surrounded with Spanish […]

Romantic Wedding at the Royal Palms

Denise Karis Royal Palms Wedding

I have a thing for soft blues and blush pink. I also have a thing for edible flowers and watercolor invitations. Along with bouquets with plenty of greenery and lets just say pink amaryllis and blue thistle too. Are you feeling me?  If your Monday could use some white brick with a black arbor adorned […]

Blue Spring Wedding at Gather Estate

Denise Karis Blue Spring Wedding

I get so excited when I walk into a wedding and realize that the soft blush and blue tones in the wedding flow together with my light and ethereal style. The two lend themselves to each other and we end up with some peaches and cream, oh so delicate images. These watercolor invitations made my […]

Blush Paradise Valley Wedding

Blush Paradise Valley Wedding

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