My name is Denise and this is my blog! I'm a photographer, passionate about empathy, creativity and breakfast burritos. Thanks for bringing your magic to my corner of the internet! 



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Everyone goes through bouts of depression at some point in their lives. At several points in our lives, actually. Sometimes we handle it well and sometimes we don’t. Sometimes it comes from something severe like the loss of someone important in our lives and sometimes it comes from nothing at all. Sometimes we are resilient […]

Hey look, a personal post

Photography is so fun! I allow myself to have a great time and be creative. I’ve grown over the years and when I’m shooting, I feel free and confident and in my element. But after a busy weekend like this last weekend, I am mentally drained. I’ve been sitting in front of my computer watching […]

Send Caffeine

Let’s see if I can put this into words. This last Friday was my second year photographing Night to Shine. All over the World, The Tim Tebow foundation sponsored a Prom Night for people with special needs. They arrive in a limo, they walk a red carpet and are crowned Prom King and Queen by […]

Night To Shine 2017

Joining Wipa. I love this group and am so thankful to be a part of it. It’s just all too much. I love it. Making friends through the Amburgey Shoots. Katrina and Blake moved to AZ this year and have put together styled shoots for photographers in the valley. It’s such a great environment to […]

Twenty Sixteen Highlights

Guess what? Today is a year since I started blogging! Well, not a year, but 52 Mondays. So yes, a year of Monday blogs. Have a slice of cake with me , won’t you? I was reading back a bit and I notice that I talk about failure a lot. Denise is to failure posts […]


Denise Karis Blog Sedona Wedding

It’s that moment I’ve always dreaded. The moment where you have to choose. One or the other. You know what I mean? I’m sure you do, we’ve all been there. And the hardest for me is to make a choice as an artist or as a business owner. I have the heart of a photographer […]

The Choice of Film

Apart from a styled shoot tomorrow, my wedding season has officially ended! Currently in Arizona, it is 100 degrees and inside is the place to be! While my camera isn’t getting as much use through the hotter months, I still try to stay creative and I thought I’d take this Monday to share some of […]

Staying Creative

Denise Karis Blog Staying Creative Through The Summer Months

This weekend I threw a terrarium party for my friend Michelle and I couldn’t help but photograph the details. So this week, I’m doing two things I rarely do: I am writing a personal post and narrating as I go! So exciting! Jars of moss, sand, soil and activated charcoal I also put out different […]

I had a Terrarium Party

Denise Karis Photography Air Plant Terrarium Party

In the world of wedding photography, you hear photographers talk a lot about their “ideal client”, or their “target couple”.  As a girl who sits there saying “Um, I just want to take pretty photos of couples….” , the term “Target Market” isn’t exactly a subject I jump to join in on. But business seeks […]

You’re Okay, I Guess

You're Okay, I guess Denise Karis Photography Blog

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