My name is Denise and this is my blog! I'm a photographer, passionate about empathy, creativity and breakfast burritos. Thanks for bringing your magic to my corner of the internet! 




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Maybe I should start by being honest. I’ve been sitting here at the computer staring at a blank screen for 20 minutes, trying to figure out what to write. Because when you photograph an event that is so incredible that it knocks you off your feet, you’re at a complete loss for words. Last weekend, […]

Night To Shine 2016

When people ask me “What kind of photographer are you?” I answer “Weddings.” But the truth is, I photograph people. My main passion and focus is in weddings but throughout the year, I take on many projects from local artists, to illustrate their passion, and I photograph families who have grown since their wedding day. […]

2015 Highlights

Amy Demos calls it “Photographyland.” The place where everyone wears runway fashion, hair is braided into a meticulous masterpiece, and elephants grace the background wearing flower crowns. Photographers have the most exquisite highlight reels. The late nights editing in clean-enough pajamas are hidden behind a thick veil while we post carefully curated artwork on the […]

Showit United 2015

When I was eleven, we moved from Southern California to Mesa Arizona. From a house to an apartment. Most of our moving boxes went into storage until we could find a more spacious home. A few months after moving, our storage was broken into and all our belongings were stolen, including our family photos. Nothing […]

When Photos Became Important To Me

I sat in my car, parked on the side of a residential street in Mesa, Arizona. I closed my eyes and tried to steady my breathing. My hands shook and my heart raced. I tried to calm that feeling I get when I am about to step outside of my comfort zone. The same feeling […]

Out of the Comfort Zone Part One

I had a blog years ago. I didn’t love blogging. I wasn’t very busy yet and I found it discouraging to constantly see the “0 Comments” notice below each post. I’d often go months without posting so if I gained a reader, I would likely lose them in a hot minute from never updating. It […]

The AJ Workshop

Do you ever notice when you meet up with a friend after years of being apart, you have nothing to talk about? Nothing to say? There’s a blank canvas in front of the two of you waiting to be painted with the colors of the last 5 years and all either of you can say […]

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