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Either I’m running out of topics or I’m feeling like oversharing today. Either way, I’m going to lay these out on the table so that maybe, somewhere out there in internetland, someone will think “Oh thank God I’m not the only one.” Almost everyone on any speaking platform has said the line: “We all make […]

Day 95: Three Crazy Mistakes I’ve Made

I grew up on musical theater. I can’t remember my first movie, but I can remember my first musical. For as long as I can remember, I’ve absolutely loved theater. So when I finally reached Junior High, I was first in line to sign up for anything theater related. I also seriously lucked out. You […]

Day 94: Things I Learned From Rhodes Drama Club

Can I be real? If I had to pick my least favorite thing to shoot on a wedding day, it would be the cocktail hour. People are usually just starting to get a drink and find each other to talk. You can’t butt into conversations and so you have to be really stealthy about grabbing […]

Day 93: Tips for Shooting Cocktail Hour

This is usually a conversation I reserve for my closest friends. The ones who won’t go running when I tell them that Atlas Shrugged is one of my favorite books. Instead they just snarl and say “WHY?” Guys, I know this book is associated with horrible things like capitalism, Paul Ryan, and egotism… but I […]

Day 92: I’m Going To Talk About Why I Love Atlas Shrugged

I was walking around my house the other day and I was feeling pretty lucky. Guys, I spent eleven years living in Apache Junction, wishing for taller ceilings and countertops that weren’t pink. Earlier this year, I moved into a new home and I am gonna be real, I never thought I’d live in a […]

Day 91: Creating Client Experiences

He’s my YouTube crush, you guys. I love Simon Sinek and like, for most of us, it started with his Ted Talk in 2010. If you’ve seen it before, watch it again. Seriously, this video is like magic and each year it speaks to me on a new level. 2. Love what you’re doing and […]

Day 90: What I Learned From Simon Sinek

The first time I heard Gary Vee talk was maybe six years ago and my first thought was, “This guy seems so full of himself.” He talked so fast and over people and he was also abrasive and harsh and way too in your face. And then, two years later, I listened to him again… […]

Day 89: Things I Learned From Gary Vee

The three people I follow religiously on YouTube are Marie Forleo, Simon Sinek, and Gary Vee. Those are my homies and I wanted to share over three days, my favorite lessons and videos from these amazing people. I started watching Marie TV about four years ago when a title caught my attention. Then I went […]

Day 88: Things I Learned From Marie Forleo

Marketing strategies are like diets, they only work if you do them. In the past, my business went through hard years and I threw many pity parties for myself. I Facebook stalked, jealous of others who were finding their success while I was stuck. But just like the girls I was jealous of who were […]

Day 87: 15 Ways to Market Your Business

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