Day 85: Book Recommendation: Girl Wash Your Face

Have you heard about this book? I bet you have, it’s like, ALL ANYONE IS TALKING ABOUT.  But really, this book keeps popping up everywhere and now that I’ve read it, I see why. Rachel Hollis is hilarious and refreshing as she isn’t afraid to share with us her deepest imperfections. The chapter that I was able to relate to the least was also the chapter I cried the hardest. She talks about her struggle with motherhood and the slow and painful process of adopting her daughter. She talks about her struggle with falling into alcohol dependency and the tragic loss of her brother.

You guys, this book is very up close and personal but it’s truly amazing. She is encouraging and uplifting and she brilliantly starts each chapter with a lie she has told herself in the past. There isn’t a woman born who hasn’t told herself at least one of these lies. Sometimes it’s hard to read… she doesn’t feed you more lies telling you you’re perfect just the way you are. Instead, she encourages stretching and bending who you are so that you can be the best version of yourself. I found that the times my feathers were ruffled throughout this book were also the times where I was most forced to admit that she was entirely right.

Leaving you with some favorite quotes that hopefully inspire you to read this one!

• Our words have power, but our actions shape our lives.

• You don’t see things as they are, you see things through the lens of what you think and feel and believe. Perception is reality, and I’m here to tell you that your reality is colored much more by your past experiences than by what is actually happening to you.

• Goals and dreams are hard. I get it. Actually accomplishing them is SO much harder than you think it will be. Maybe you’re making progress, but it’s only an inch at a time – meanwhile your friend Tammy has been promoted twice, your sister is married with two kids, and you feel as though you’re still way back at the start when everyone is passing you by. Some days you feel so discouraged you want to cry. Go ahead and cry.

• Nothing that lasts is accomplished quickly. Nobody’s entire legacy is based on a single moment, but rather the collection of one’s experiences. If you’re lucky, your legacy will be a lifetime in the making.

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